Advanced Print Management for HIS

It’s not just a printout — it’s life-saving information

Patient health and privacy depend in part on the fast, reliable and secure printing of records, forms, reports, prescriptions and other clinical documents.

Your medical staff should never go to the printer to find stacks of unsecured documents, or worse, discover their documents aren’t there. But in reality, this happens all too often in large healthcare organizations. Documents fail to print, or are sent to the wrong print queue or wrong printer. Or documents print correctly but are picked up by someone other than their owner, causing a security breach and disruption to patient care.

Optimizing your printing environment

Lexmark brings over 20 years of deep industry experience and understanding to deliver tailored print/output management solutions for healthcare, including EMR printing, secure print release, mobile printing, fleet management and reporting.

Advanced print management software is the bridge for fast, accurate delivery of healthcare information. Lexmark and Plus Technologies, makers of OM Plus Delivery Manager, have partnered to provide dynamic clinical printing solutions that let you print across complex healthcare information systems (HIS) infrastructures efficiently and securely. Unlike native spooling systems that ‘fire and forget,’ OM Plus print spooling software keeps print jobs so that print confirmation, reprinting, rerouting, automated fail-over, load balancing, bundling, resequencing and other features are possible.

Our solutions help you get the most value from your investment in your healthcare management system. They’re designed to adapt to your changing needs and are compatible with all the major vendors, including Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, GE, Lawson, McKesson, MEDITECH, Oracle/PeopleSoft and Siemens.

Benefits of Advanced Print Management for HIS

  • Improves uptime and queue management across your organization
  • Streamlines print workflows and operations by reducing print queues on multiple hosts
  • Increases speed, reliability and scalability
  • Improves patient care with better delivery of information

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