Touch screens can present usability and accessibility challenges for people who are blind or visually impaired, have motor skills impairment, or use wheelchairs. The Lexmark Accessibility Solution is web-based software that helps users set up copy, fax and scanning jobs from a network-connected computer or handheld device, such as an iPhone, iPad, or accessible PDA (including Voice Sense and Braille Sense).

Structured Focus

Lexmark has a strategy and defined processes and methodologies to ensure our products and solutions are increasingly accessible. Accessibility is a key marker in every phase of our product development process. To further ensure that we meet our goals, we have established a cross-functional committee to manage and oversee our accessibility initiatives. Our Section 508 Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates are shown below.

Advanced technology. Innovative solutions.

Lexmark believes that improving product usability for customers with disabilities creates a better user experience for all our customers. Input from our customers with disabilities has identified product design changes as well as standard product features that work together to enhance accessibility for all customers. These capabilities are included in many of our Lexmark products:

  • Output separator sheets
  • Offset job stacking
  • Operator panels with adjustable viewing angles
  • Multifunction products with number pad input capability
  • Accessible height and reach
  • Accessible print drivers

In addition, Lexmark develops adaptable, flexible hardware and software that can be tailored to meet individual needs. Our technology enables users to access features and functionality right from a desktop that has been optimized with assistive technology, including screen magnifiers and screen readers.

Benefits of Accessibility Solution

  • Text-based screens give users access to almost every setting and option available on the Lexmark MFP.
  • Users can change display properties, including font size and color of foreground and background, for greater readability.
  • Users can check the status of the MFP before they set up and submit a job.
  • Verified compatible with screen reader and magnification software from:
    • GW Micro Window-Eyes
    • Freedom Scientific JAWS®, MAGic®
    • Ai Squared Zoom Text
    • Serotek