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Simplify document management, reduce errors, & increase security, privacy and compliance.

Imagine the positive impact to your customers if you could react to their Account Opening, Mortgage or Loan Application requests faster because your processes were 50% more efficient.

Imagine the impact to your business if you could also ensure process and regulatory compliance in these processes whilst cutting your ouput costs by up to 30%.

Financial Organisations chose to work with Lexmark because our in-depth knowledge of the finance industry has allowed us to develop innovative solutions that help our customers capture, access and manage information in the most cost effective and efficient ways.

Ensure Customers Hear your Latest Messages

Your customers and staff need access to the right information at the right time. At the same time you need to reduce your banks printing and distribution costs. With Lexmark’s Print on Demand solutions you create and manage important Marketing, Promotional and Regulatory information centrally. Your branch employees can then access it and print real-time documents locally at a greatly reduced cost.

Manage Your Costs More Effectively

Lexmark Invoice Processing enables you to capture invoices, bills and statements at point of use and route them electronically for processing. The solution extracts important data and registers it with your financial software applications for swift invoice matching, allowing you to take advantage of supplier discount opportunities.

Easier Recruitment and Human Resource Management

Capture, track, route, manage and share all of the documents related to hiring new employees at the point of contact. Notify pertinent departments about your new employees, and gives hiring managers, Human Resources and others immediate access to key information.

Managed Print Services

Lexmark’s unique and leading approach to Managed Print Services helps many major EMEA Financial Organisations to save time and money. By helping them optimise their print fleet and managing it proactively and transparently they often see cost savings of up to 30% and are able to spend more time with their customers.

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