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Lexmark X6170

Part #: 15K0000


  • Thermal Inkjet

Product Description

Print, Scan, Copy and Fax At A Business Pace

PrecisionSense technology

Achieves optimum results with automatic cartridge alignment and automatic paper type sensing.

COLOR SCANNING--High quality, input

With industry-leading CCD flatbed scanning technology, the Lexmark X6170 can handle booksof varied thickness, brochures and more. It offers an effective scan area of 8.5” x 11.7”. This high-resolution scanner captures the finest detail, with up to 1200 x 4800 dpi optical resolution (up to 19,200 enhanced) and 48-bit color scan/16-bit grayscale.

Reliable, rugged construction.

Backed by one year LexExpress limited warranty with next business day exchange.

COLOR COPYING-- One-touch, PC-free copying for increased productivity

Reduction/enlargement capability from 25% to 400%. 1-99 copies at one time. The Lexmark X6170 produces up to 16 cpm black and up to 11 cpm color.

Lexmark Photo Editor Software

This exclusive software allows you to easily scan, edit, print and manage your images. No need for additional software applications.

COLOR PRINTING--Fast, professional output

Excellent speed and quality for presentations and business documents. Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi on all paper types. Print fast! Up to 19 ppm black; up to 15 ppm color

Added capabilities - Software included on the printer driver.

Bundled software further enhances the Lexmark X6170’s functionality to improve the efficiency of small and medium business users: ABBYY FineReader 5.0 Sprint Plus Optical Character Recognition – FineReader converts scanned paper documents into editable computer files.

COLOR FAXING-- Conveniently send and receive color and b/w documents.

33.6 Kbps fax capability. Automatic document feeder lets you fax multiple page documents.

Accu-Feed paper handling system

Virtually eliminates paper jams.

General Specs

Part # 15K0000
Print Technology
  • Thermal Inkjet
  • Color Copying
  • Color Faxing
  • Color Printing
  • Color Scanning
Media Sizes Supported
  • Kakugata 6, 7 3/4 Envelope, 9 Envelope, A4, Legal, A5, Letter, B5 Envelope, Statement, C5 Envelope, DL Envelope, 6 3/4 Envelope, L, 2L, Chokei 3, Chokei 4, Chokei 40, Kakugata 3, Kakugata 4, Kakugata 5, A2 Baronial, A6 Card, B5, C6 Envelope, Custom (Up to 8.5 x 17 in.), Hagaki Card, Index Card, Executive, 10 Envelope
Standard Ports
  • USB Compatible with USB 2.0 Specification (Type B)
Size (in. - H x W x D)
  • 11.7 x 19.7 x 17.3 in.
Weight (lb.)
  • not define lb.
Packaged Size (in. - H x W x D)
  • 19.6 x 23.6 x 22.2 in.
Packaged Weight (lb.)
  • 24.93 lb.


Maximum Copy Speed †
  • Up to:
  • Color: 12 cpm (Draft)
Reduce / Enlarge Range
  • 25 - 400 %


Modem Speed
  • 33.6 Kbps


Maximum Print Speed †
  • Up to:
  • Black: 19 ppm (Draft)
  • Color: 15 ppm (Draft)
Print Resolution
  • Black: Up to 2400 x 1200 dpi
  • Color: Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi


Scanner Type
  • Flatbed scanner with ADF
Scan Area
  • 8.5 x 11.7 inches (Maximum)
Scan Technology
  • CCD with 48 bit depth
Scan Resolution
  • Enhanced: Up to 19200 ppi
  • Optical: 1200 x 4800 dpi
ADF Paper Input Capacity
  • Up to: 50 pages 20 lb or 75 gsm bond
ADF Input Paper Sizes
  • A4, Legal, Letter

Paper Handling

Media Types Supported
  • Banner (A4 or Letter), Hagaki Card, Index Card (3"x5"), Labels, Photo Paper, Iron-On Transfers, Card Stock, Plain Paper, Coated Paper, Transparencies, Envelopes
  • in. - H x W x D:
  • Trays Extended: 12.7 x 19.7 x 20.5 in.


Optional Network Ports
  • Lexmark N4000e Fast Ethernet (Print Only), Lexmark N4050e 802.11g Wireless Print Server (Print Only)

Supported Operating Systems

Operating Systems Supported
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista

Electrical & Operation

Noise Level
  • Operating:
  • 48 dBA (Print)
  • 45 dBA (Copy)
  • 44 dBA (Scan)
  • 43212110


Limited Warranty
  • See Statement of Limited Warranty:
  • not define

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Name Part # Page Yield Price Quantity
Name Part # Page Yield Price Quantity

Drivers & Downloads

Stay up to date with the latest security and other new features, and improve your productivity. Your Lexmark device performs best when you download the most recent drivers and firmware. Sign up for firmware alerts now.

Compatible downloads for

Files Type OS OS Version Languages Date Released Size Link
CJXP6100TC.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Chinese (Taiwan) 2009-12-14 30 MB; CJXP6100TC.EXE;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;V1.0.12.0
cjrX6100TC.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Chinese (Taiwan) 2009-10-26 32 MB; cjrX6100TC.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;
cjsX6100TC.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Chinese (Taiwan) 2009-10-26 52 MB; cjsX6100TC.exe;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;
cjsX6100AR.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Arabic 2009-10-22 53 MB; cjsX6100AR.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;
CJB6100GE.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 German 2009-08-22 28 MB; CJB6100GE.EXE;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;V1.0.12.0
CJXP6100AR.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Arabic 2009-08-22 31 MB; CJXP6100AR.EXE;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;V1.0.12.0
CJXP6100CZ.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Czech 2009-08-22 30 MB; CJXP6100CZ.EXE;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;V1.0.12.0
CJXP6100DA.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Danish 2009-08-22 30 MB; CJXP6100DA.EXE;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;V1.0.12.0
CJXP6100HU.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Hungarian 2009-08-22 30 MB; CJXP6100HU.EXE;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;V1.0.12.0
CJXP6100PO.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Polish 2009-08-22 29 MB; CJXP6100PO.EXE;X6170, X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;V1.0.12.0
CJXP6100RU.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Russian 2009-08-22 30 MB; CJXP6100RU.EXE;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;V1.0.12.0
CJXP6100SW.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Swedish 2009-08-22 29 MB; CJXP6100SW.EXE;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;V1.0.12.0
cjrX6100AR.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Arabic 2009-08-22 33 MB; cjrX6100AR.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;
cjrX6100BP.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Portuguese (Brazil) 2009-08-22 31 MB; cjrX6100BP.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;
cjrX6100DA.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Danish 2009-08-22 31 MB; cjrX6100DA.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;
cjrX6100DU.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Dutch 2009-08-22 31 MB; cjrX6100DU.exe;X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170;;
cjrX6100FR.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista French 2009-08-22 31 MB; cjrX6100FR.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;
cjrX6100GE.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista German 2009-08-22 31 MB; cjrX6100GE.exe;X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170;;
cjrX6100GR.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Greek 2009-08-22 32 MB; cjrX6100GR.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;
cjrX6100HU.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Hungarian 2009-08-22 31 MB; cjrX6100HU.exe;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;
cjrX6100NO.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Norwegian 2009-08-22 31 MB; cjrX6100NO.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;
cjrX6100SP.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Spanish 2009-08-22 31 MB; cjrX6100SP.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;
cjsX6100DA.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Danish 2009-08-22 51 MB; cjsX6100DA.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;
cjsX6100FI.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Finnish 2009-08-22 51 MB; cjsX6100FI.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;
cjsX6100GR.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Greek 2009-08-22 52 MB; cjsX6100GR.exe;X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170;;
cjsX6100HE.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Hebrew 2009-08-22 55 MB; cjsX6100HE.exe;X6170, X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;
cjsX6100HU.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Hungarian 2009-08-22 51 MB; cjsX6100HU.exe;X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170;;
cjsX6100JA.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Japanese 2009-08-22 61 MB; cjsX6100JA.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;
cjsX6100NO.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Norwegian 2009-08-22 51 MB; cjsX6100NO.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;
cjsX6100PO.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Polish 2009-08-22 52 MB; cjsX6100PO.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;
cjsX6100RU.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Russian 2009-08-22 51 MB; cjsX6100RU.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;
CJXP6100BP.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Portuguese (Brazil) 2009-08-21 30 MB; CJXP6100BP.EXE;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;V1.0.12.0
CJXP6100DU.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Dutch 2009-08-21 29 MB; CJXP6100DU.EXE;X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170;;V1.0.12.0
CJXP6100FI.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Finnish 2009-08-21 30 MB; CJXP6100FI.EXE;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;V1.0.12.0
CJXP6100FR.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP French 2009-08-21 30 MB; CJXP6100FR.EXE;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;V1.0.12.0
CJXP6100GR.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Greek 2009-08-21 30 MB; CJXP6100GR.EXE;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;V1.0.12.0
CJXP6100HE.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Hebrew 2009-08-21 31 MB; CJXP6100HE.EXE;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;V1.0.12.0
CJXP6100IT.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Italian 2009-08-21 30 MB; CJXP6100IT.EXE;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;V1.0.12.0
CJXP6100JA.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Japanese 2009-08-21 30 MB; CJXP6100JA.EXE;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;V1.0.12.0
CJXP6100NO.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Norwegian 2009-08-21 29 MB; CJXP6100NO.EXE;X6170, X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;V1.0.12.0
CJXP6100SC.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Chinese (China) 2009-08-21 30 MB; CJXP6100SC.EXE;X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170;;V1.0.12.0
CJXP6100SP.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Spanish 2009-08-21 30 MB; CJXP6100SP.EXE;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;V1.0.12.0
cjrX6100CZ.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Czech 2009-08-21 31 MB; cjrX6100CZ.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;
cjrX6100FI.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Finnish 2009-08-21 31 MB; cjrX6100FI.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;
cjrX6100HE.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Hebrew 2009-08-21 35 MB; cjrX6100HE.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;
cjrX6100IT.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Italian 2009-08-21 31 MB; cjrX6100IT.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;
cjrX6100JA.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Japanese 2009-08-21 41 MB; cjrX6100JA.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;
cjrX6100PO.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Polish 2009-08-21 32 MB; cjrX6100PO.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;
cjrX6100RU.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Russian 2009-08-21 31 MB; cjrX6100RU.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;
cjrX6100SC.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Chinese (China) 2009-08-21 32 MB; cjrX6100SC.exe;X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170;;
cjrX6100SW.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista Swedish 2009-08-21 31 MB; cjrX6100SW.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;
cjsX6100BP.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Portuguese (Brazil) 2009-08-21 51 MB; cjsX6100BP.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;
cjsX6100CZ.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Czech 2009-08-21 51 MB; cjsX6100CZ.exe;X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170;;
cjsX6100DU.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Dutch 2009-08-21 51 MB; cjsX6100DU.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;
cjsX6100FR.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 French 2009-08-21 51 MB; cjsX6100FR.exe;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;
cjsX6100GE.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 German 2009-08-21 51 MB; cjsX6100GE.exe;X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150;;
cjsX6100IT.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Italian 2009-08-21 51 MB; cjsX6100IT.exe;X6150, X6170, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;
cjsX6100SC.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Chinese (China) 2009-08-21 52 MB; cjsX6100SC.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6150, X6170;;
cjsX6100SP.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Spanish 2009-08-21 51 MB; cjsX6100SP.exe;X6170, X6150, Lexmark X6190 Pro;;
cjsX6100SW.exe Driver Windows Windows Vista x64 Swedish 2009-08-21 51 MB; cjsX6100SW.exe;Lexmark X6190 Pro, X6170, X6150;;