Device Based Software Portfolio | Lexmark United States

Lexmark's device based software portfolio includes: 

Accessibility Solution.  Allows users with disabilities to set up copy, fax, email, FTP and scan jobs directly from their workstation rather than requiring use of the MFP touch-screen display.

AccuRead Automate. Lexmark’s AccuRead Automate app enables a Lexmark smart MFP to capture, automatically classify, and route documents, while extracting key information for file naming and indexing.

AccuRead OCR. Create searchable or editable files (PDF, RTF, TXT) on a Lexmark smart MFP.

Display Customization.  Customize the Lexmark smart MFP screen with custom images that can be displayed as a slide show, displayed as wallpaper or used as a screensaver.

Fax Over IP. Lexmark’s Fax Over IP application doesn’t require a separate analog fax line or a fax card/ modem to send and receive faxes over VOIP systems. Instead, faxes are sent directly from the MFP through the IP network.

Scan to Network. Capture an image of a printed document and route the image to a predefined personal or public shared network folder.

Scan Center.  Lexmark Scan Center consolidates all scan-related functions into one sophisticated yet easy-to-use application. This powerful tool enables users to review, enhance and index images, then route to multiple destinations using an intuitive, touch screen interface. 

Scan Center Premium.  Lexmark Scan Center Premium enhances the functionality of the pre-installed Scan Center application. This powerful tool adds advanced imaging capabilities and features that offer more precise control over file naming and imaging, as well as support for more scan destinations. 

Solution Composer.  Lexmark Solution Composer can increase your company’s efficiency by providing you with a simple, cost-effective way to build intelligent adapted workflow solutions in minutes—even if you don’t know anything about programming. These solutions work on any solutions-capable multifunction product (MFP).

Lexmark's device based software portfolio features: