Accessibility Compliance

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Lexmark is committed to developing products, solutions and services that optimize the productivity of each customer, including those with varying levels of abilities.

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Compliance Documentation

Lexmark utilizes an Accessibility Conformance Report or ACR (based on ITIC's VPAT Version 2.0 or higher) to evaluate and report compliance with accessibility standards such US Section 508, European EN 301549, and WCAG. This recognized, industry-standard reporting template expands on and replaces the first generation VPAT. View Lexmark's legacy VPAT's covering products announced prior to January 18, 2017.

Lexmark Accessibility Conformance Reports

This report covers the following Lexmark products: CS632dwe, CS720 Series, CS730de, CS735de, CS820, CS920 Series, CS943de, CX532adwe, CX625 adhe/adthe, CX635adwe, CX720 Series, CX730de, CX735adse, CX820/CX825 Series, CX860 Series, CX920 Series, CX930dse, CX931dse, CX931dtse, CX942adse, CX943adtse, CX943adxse, CX944adtse, CX944adxse, M3350, MS632dwe, MX432adwe, MX532adwe, MX632adwe, MX931dse, XC2335, XC4240, XC9325, XC9335, XC9445, XC9455, XC9465, XM3142, XM3350

This report covers the following Lexmark products: B2650dn/dw, CX522ade, CX622ade/adhe, M3250, MB2442adwe, MB2546ade/adwe, MB2650ade/adwe, MC2535ade/adw, MC2540adwe, MC2640adwe, MS622de, MS822de, MS824de, MS826de, MX421ade, MX521de/ade, MX522adhe, MX622ade/adhe, MX720 series, MX820 series, XC2235, XC2240, XM1242, XM1246, XM3250

This report covers the following Lexmark products: B2236dw, B2338dw, B2442dw, B2546dn/dw, B2865dw, B3340dw, B3442dw, C2325dw, C2335, C2425dw, C2535dn/dw, C3224dw, C3326dw, C3426dw, CS331dw, CS421dn, CS431dw, CS521dn, CS531dw, CS622de, CX331adwe, CX421adn, CX431adw, M1242, M1246, MB2236adw/adwe, MB2338adw, MB3442adw, MC2425adw, MC3224dwe/adwe, MC3326adwe, MC3426adw, MS321dn, MS331dn, MS421dn/dw, MS431dn/dw, MS521dn, MS531dw, MS621dn, MS631dw, MS639, MS821dn, MS823dn, MS825dn, MX321adn/adw, MX331adn, MX431adn/adw, MX432adwe, XM3142