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Lexmark Smart Document Portal for Insurance

A seamless printing experience that drives greater efficiency while ensuring compliance

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Enable document access, right at the printer

Lexmark’s Smart Document Portal for Insurance solution delivers on-demand printing for better service, greater efficiency and lower cost. With powerful, easy-to-use features, you can quickly access and personalize documents while boosting consistency and control.


High-quality documents ready on demand

On-demand personalization with a single touch

In today’s competitive insurance world, your marketing materials and business documents need to stand out and be easily understood by your customers. Plus preprinted materials are expensive to produce, ship and store, and often become obsolete before they can be used.

At the same time, the fact remains that printed, hardcopy documents remain necessary for business transactions. But routine paperwork doesn’t have to mean delays and disruptions. With Lexmark Smart Document Portal for Insurance, agencies have instant access to the most up-to-date forms, documents and policy information, along with the ability to quickly and easily personalize materials.

Printing that pops, at a moment’s notice

Smart Document Portal brings increased flexibility and control to agents looking for a competitive edge. A variety of materials including documents, forms, flyers, brochure and more can be printed in brilliant color, at a moment’s notice. This means employees can easily update information on the fly, including personalization and contact information. With Smart Document Portal, you have the agility and the technology to drive brand awareness and communicate more effectively with printing that’s designed to impress your customers and make an impact on prospects.

A more seamless printing experience

Today’s insurance agents are under constant pressure to transform their business, personalize customer experiences and provide faster service and transactions. However, paper processes can create bottlenecks and slow the delivery of important information that customers need to make informed decisions.

Lexmark Smart Document Portal enables fast, accurate delivery of relevant personalized information, each and every time. By placing our easy-to-use MFPs strategically and conveniently in the office, employees have instant access to up-to-the-minute materials they need for a wide range of tasks. From proposals and presentation to flyers and personalized forms, everything is stored digitally and made available with just the touch of a button. That means no more paperwork hide-and-seek, and faster service that keeps customers coming back.

Operations that save time and money

When it comes to storing, processing and updating hardcopy materials, expenses can add up quickly. Paper forms and documents require valuable space, time and money to maintain. Plus documents are easy to lose, difficult to secure and don’t provide the visibility and control you need to mitigate risk.

Smart Document Portal allows you to easily store documents digitally, so users know exactly where and how to access information. Since you’re no longer shuffling paper from place to place, you can significantly reduce storage costs and make changes without additional expenses. Agencies can also seamlessly integrate MFPs with existing systems to centrally manage forms for ensured consistency and compliance.

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