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Smart Document Capture for Insurance

Streamlined document processing built for your unique needs

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Transform processes with easy, intuitive document capture

Lexmark’s Smart Document Capture for Insurance helps insurers digitize paper documents and streamline processes for better efficiency, security, savings and service. By leveraging easy, automated capture at the point of origination, you’ll achieve better visibility and accuracy from start to finish.


Stay customer-focused with next-level capture

Streamline paper-based processes

Processing paper-based forms and documents is a challenge, especially when those processes need to span across multiple locations and involve a number of different employees. That’s why Smart Document Capture enables your employees to scan and digitize paper applications and documents from the point of origination--like an agent’s office or other remote location--for anytime, anywhere retrieval and access. As a result, processing that paperwork is made easier, with fewer manual steps and less searching for the right information.

Drive efficiency and savings

Insurance employees often spend a great deal of time manually processing paperwork, and then correcting the errors associated with keying in data. These processes are expensive, slow--at times requiring multiple days to complete--and keep you from focusing on your customers and completing their requests in a timely and effective manner.  Smart Document Capture enables you to eliminate once-manual tasks and reduce redundancies to make processes more digital and productive. By leveraging the Lexmark MFP platform in insurance offices to easily capture documents, you’ll drive greater efficiency and speed, and reduce the cost of document processing.

Enhance security and compliance

The painstaking tasks of protecting confidential, business-critical information and enforcing standardized processes can reduce efficiencies and lead to expensive fees. Smart Document Capture makes it possible to capture paperwork from the point of receipt to eliminate document loss and make sure you’re gathering all required data from the beginning. And, since information is converted from paper to digital, you’ll be able to employ stronger security measures, facilitate storing and archival, and conduct searches and audits effortlessly.

Meet your unique needs

No two insurance organizations are alike. Your processes, systems and information requirements are unique to your goals and objectives, and a rigid, one-size-fits-all solution just won’t do. That’s why we built Smart Document Capture to be agile and customizable. When it comes to choosing what’s right for your organization, you get to decide what level of capture intelligence best meets your specific needs. In addition, our versatile integration options ensure flexibility in your infrastructure, and allow you to more tightly connect and unite business processes and systems.


Capture and Workflow Automation

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Automate workflow management and processes in your insurance operations with smart document capture

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