Lexmark Cloud Release Notes


[Fix] Print Management Update

Release of updated Print Management eSF applications to improve performance related to quota checking.

New Print Management eSF application versions:

Cloud Authentication

e5 and later: 5.6.31

e3 and e4: 2.6.27

Print Release

e5 and later: 5.10.20

e3 and e4: 2.6.27

Document Accounting, Device Usage 2.4.24

Keyboard Emulation Reader Driver 2.4.15

Omnikey 5427ck Reader Driver 1.2.14


[Maintenance][Fix] Lexmark Print Management Client for macOS

Release of LPMC for macOS v1.1.1509.

Integrate latest Parser and Late binding libraries.

Fix for an authenticate issue when using VPN and proxy.


[Feature] Cloud Connector Update

Release of Cloud Connector eSF application version 1.6.23.

Setting added to disable automatic update check.

Updates can be deferred. The Cloud Connector eSF application can continue to be used even if the update is deferred.