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Lexmark's approach to human resources (HR) is simple: We want to make your job easier and the people you support happier. Part of that is about reducing paper management within your traditionally paper-heavy department. Instead of managing multiple documents and version control, we can help you streamline your HR processes with electronic, automated solutions. 

We also understand that your teams are dealing with highly sensitive, personal information. That's why our solutions offer secure management processes that empower your department to get the job done efficiently without jeopardizing the safety of your employees' information. 

Electronic files: The meat and potatoes

The crux of Lexmark's HR solutions comes down to simplifying the management of employee files and information. With Lexmark Electronic File Management, your HR department can process, store and retrieve employee documents and information from a single content management system. 

With electronic file management, you can: 

  • Create comprehensive, electronic files for employees and provide access to authorized personnel from anywhere, anytime
  • Seamlessly connect files to your core HR systems so that all the information you need is accessible from one, centralized view
  • Mitigate the amount of paper tied to each employee file, thereby reducing the possibility of duplicate or outdated information
  • Enhance security around proprietary infromation about your employees
  • Reduce physical storage and mismanged paper

Wondering about ROI? 

Find out how we can help you save. Ask us how we put together six-month ROI estimates for our customers. 

Employee onboarding: Starting strong

There are forms and more forms when it comes to employee onboarding. Help your team and your new hires navigate the onboarding process with the Lexmark Employee Onboarding solution. With a streamlined and automated process, it's easier to make sure the "I's" are dotted and the "T's" are crossed before the employee's first day. 

With our solutions for employee onboarding, you can: 

  • Eliminate paper from the process with electronic forms
  • Provide access to forms through a self-service portal that helps your new hire track form completion
  • Help your HR teams quickly and easily see what forms are needed or missing from new hires
  • Automatically validate and store completed information within your HR systems
  • Create a new electronic employee file to manage that information 
  • Help your new hires start strong

Electronic forms: Eliminate manual data entry and paper(work)

Gradually eliminate paper across your organization without losing access to key data with electronic forms. Save your team valuable time and resources by automating how data is validated and entered into your systems with the Lexmark Electronic Forms for HR solution. 

With electronic forms, you can: 

  • Collect only the information your business needs with customized electronic forms 
  • Speed up processes with automated steps for data collection, routing and storage
  • Eliminate data entry mistakes and rework
  • Easily connect data to the variety of HR systems you manage
  • Expedite processes with electronic forms that are accessible from anywhere, anytime 

Video: Actual play by play

Whether it's video interviews, incident testimonials, video mentorship, training and more, the ability to support video and add to employee files is key. With the Lexmark Video and Rich Media Management software, you can better manage content, in whatever format, and link to employee files. 

With video and rich media management, you can: 

  • Create complete employee files that manage multiple formats, from paper documentation to emails to video and more
  • Manage employee-related media
  • Control how and when content is published and stored
  • Syndicate and control access to media
  • Search and locate content contained within video streams
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Draw greater value from video content, audio and more, and link to employee files for a truly comprehensive picture.

Stop pushing paper; automate steps and validate data accuracy by gathering raw data into electronic forms.

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