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Having to rely on paper and manual data entry creates bottlenecks that delay your teams from getting work done. Instead of working around the paper jam, remove it completely with the Lexmark Human Resources Electronic Forms solution. 

With electronic forms, you can convert paper forms to digital assets and automate processes throughout your HR department. And that’s just the start.

Electronic forms let your organization build forms that fulfill the information needs of your company. It makes electronic data capture quick and simple by validating, storing and organizing information that needs to be routed through workflows for approval or stored in your core HR systems. 

With our electronic forms technology, you can: 

  • Digitize traditionally paper-based content to streamline processes
  • Consolidate information for a better view of most up-to-date content
  • Automate workflows and approvals 
  • Build smarter forms
  • Make "paperwork" easier for everyone

Better for business

With digitized infromation, instantly capture, store and index a virtually unlimited amount of employee-related data. Using electronic forms, you can automate processes and workflow, and create a unified platform that fits seamlessly into your existing HR systems. 

Access content from your online portals, track where information is in the approval process, set alarm notifications and alerts. And, because information is no longer living on pieces of paper in file cabinets, you'll reduce manual data entry and delays while heightening security and streamlining access to the information you need, when you need it. 

Digitize data ... and then use it

One of the biggest advantages to electronic forms is the simplicity of organizing that data once it's captured. When information exists digitally in your systems, processing it, organizing it and accessing it becomes much easier. 

With our electronic forms, consolidate data and enter it into your core HR systems automatically. Once validated, information can be stored in electronic employee files where you can apply version control and support industry-standard data formats based on the kind of information. 

Seamless connections, automated workflows

Whittle the number of forms you need from employees from stacks of paper down to just what's needed. Through data integration, pull information from electronic forms and push it to the right HR system for populating content. If something's missing or incorrect, an alert is sent to the right people for exception handling. 

Creating connections between data fields and different workflows lets you automatically initiate multiple processes upon form completion. For example, you just hired Stephanie. After Stephanie fills out and submits her basic information through an electronic form, that information can be extracted and pushed through to your HRIS system, as well as initiate a new computer request case for your IT department. 

Build smarter forms

Apply business rules to templates that dynamically configure which fields are necessary for specific actions. Smart templates can be applied in multiple ways: Integrate drop-down menus to limit options, define "optional" versus "required" fields and filter information based on action items. It can be as simple as automatically populating the correct state or province once the zip code is entered or display only the data fields needed when a specific form is selected. 

Electronic forms help ensure your teams get the right data. If a phone number or email is incorrect, someone somewhere won’t have to track down the right answer. Instead, the form can validate information against databases as the form is being filled out. Your organization can also apply expressions to specific data fields to calculate data; for example, calculating a 5% raise can happen automatically within the form.   

Easier for everyone

The overarching goal of Lexmark’s electronic forms technology is to make the life of your HR department easier. Your employees that have to fill out electronic forms have fewer to-dos, but it's your HR department that experiences the real savings: Your teams won’t have to manually enter information, file and search for data or route information through workflows—it’s all automated.

With electronic forms, processes are streamlined and easier to track and manage, and every party involved gets the opportunity to do more with less.  

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