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Transform how your organization manages contract documentation with Perceptive Content from Lexmark. Perceptive Content offers a secure and collaborative approach to processing legal and contract documentation. Instead of relying on manual, paper-based tasks, your teams can work faster and more efficiently with automated processes.

Use Perceptive Content to classify and organize information in a centralized, electronic repository. Provide access to authorized personnel from anywhere within your organization, and electronically manage information, including contracts and renewal data. 

Better and easier contract management

Contract Management from Lexmark enables your teams to manage existing contracts, including renewals and data related to terms and conditions, while making that information easily accessible to authorized users. Stakeholders and administrators are kept in the loop during the contract renewal process, allowing more time for informed decisions.

Reports based on specific contract data are easy to compile, offering a clear picture of contract status and compliance throughout the enterprise.

Our contract management software lets you:

  • Transform key contract data into business intelligence: Make documents and information instantly accessible during contract execution and renewal. 
  • Use the contract renewal process strategically: Allow sufficient time to make informed decisions on renewal and renegotiation
  • Make key information easily available for audits: Support compliance with corporate policies by allowing users to search for metadata such as geography, contract owner, contract value and more
  • Augment the systems you have in place today: Our technology is built to integrate and work with the systems you already have in place today. Learn more about our partners in contract management.


Get the complete picture of how our contract management software gives you enterprise-wide control over your contract data.

Reconcile payments to invoices in seconds with accurate data extraction from checks and remittance documents, and verification against internal invoice data.

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