Sustainability | Lexmark Caribbean


Intelligently-adapted solutions for sustainability.

The combination of hardware, software and services that are intelligently adapted to meet customers’ unique needs has been developed using the principles of sustainability. With a commitment to reduce the consumption of natural resources worldwide, we track greenhouse gas emissions as well as usage of natural gas, fuel oil, diesel, gasoline and electricity.

Design teams are focused on the impact of packaging on the environment—how much is delivered to a customer, as well as how packaging designs affect transportation efficiencies along the way. New products that improve energy efficiency have been developed yielding a 20 percent reduction in the Energy Star Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC) test on printers and a 37 percent reduction on the MFPs over the previous generation products. Even more impressive is the more than 50 percent reduction of power consumed in sleep mode for the newly released C740/X740 series.

“Print Anywhere” is now a reality with Lexmark’s cloud implementation of Print Release—an innovative software solution that eliminates unclaimed print jobs. Users send a print job from their workstations or mobile device to be stored and printed at a later time on select Lexmark MFPs and stand-alone devices—helping reduce carbon footprint. 

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