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Capture Solution

Perceptive Capture from Lexmark collects and secures all documents and data intelligently—extracting, organizing and sharing content with the people, business systems and processes that need it most.
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Content Management

Your information is vital to the success of your enterprise—so make sure it stays accurate, current and intact. Lexmark’s Perceptive Content workflow solutions are designed to do just that. It circulates and protects your valuable content, regardless of format, throughout its lifecycle.
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Now you can integrate process and content management into the technologies you work with every day, from business applications to information-gathering devices and software platforms.
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Business Process Management

Want your employees to gain access to the right information in the right places—right when they need it? One smart way to accomplish this is by optimizing your business processes.
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Search Services

Now you can search for precise information inside every document, file and email generated across your organization. We’ll help you find the answers you need, wherever they’re buried—in servers, content management systems, intranet, extranet, computers and even mobile devices.
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Device Management

With Markvision Enterprise at your fingertips, you'll have what you need to run your enterprise output environment more effectively.
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Output Management

At Lexmark, we think it’s time to stop thinking about output infrastructure as something to be controlled and time to start viewing it as a platform for higher productivity and effectiveness. 
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Mobile Solutions

Whether you need to print a boarding pass from a mobile hotspot or an important contract from a customer’s location, Lexmark mobile solutions work with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to make it happen—quickly, easily and securely.
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Deployment Options

Lexmark workflow solutions are designed to easily scale and intelligently adapt to meet changing needs. Our solutions help drive business growth, build operational efficiency, and deliver greater agility so you can respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer demands.
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Lexmark’s Perceptive Software

Lexmark’s Perceptive Software process and content management software solutions work hand in hand with your core business applications and systems so you can work faster, smarter and fully informed at every process step across your organization.
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