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Located in Ontario, Canada, RA Image combines information technology and office equipment management to meet the needs of businesses ranging in size from entrepreneurial to enterprise. RA Image delivers output devices featuring full-spectrum security, speed and power designed to fit the unique needs of each client.


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Peter Gonzalez, President of RA Image, was looking to expand his company’s portfolio set beyond A3 devices. He sought a manufacturer with a reputation for innovative technology and user-friendly solutions to help his clients grow their business.

With Cloud Fleet Management, we’ve saved at least 50 percent of service time, which has been huge.
Peter Gonzalez President, RA Image

While Gonzalez’s clients have a wide variety of IT requirements, one factor remains constant: the need for reliable, flexible output technology that works seamlessly with existing systems. Gonzalez often found that printing devices did not keep pace with daily output tasks; plus a major concern was the need for print security, including network protections, user access and secure remote management.


After researching technology partners, RA Image chose Lexmark devices and solutions. Gonzalez was familiar with its printers in banks and school systems but did not consider how Lexmark might play a key role in growing his own business. He was impressed with Lexmark’s A3 and A4 multifunction printer lineup, which is designed to deliver higher performance at a lower cost.

“From there, we literally never looked back,” says Gonzalez. “What stood out with Lexmark is a forwards-thinking team of people that have the right solutions for us. It’s been a vibrant relationship from the beginning and gives us a tremendous business advantage.”


Regardless of size or output requirements, today’s businesses need innovative ways to perform daily tasks faster and with greater efficiency, all without compromising quality. That’s why Lexmark Cloud Fleet Management, or CFM, is a powerful tool for RA Image. With CFM, what was once the domain of full-time IT staff and costly infrastructure is now available with a secure, cloud-based offering. This means ease of device deployment, simplified maintenance and faster integration with any output environment.

“Cloud Fleet Management has saved many hours of time every week,” says Gonzalez. “Before, we would constantly call clients to check on toner status and make sure things were running smoothly. It was a time-intensive, manual process. CFM has eliminated all that because we can easily see what’s going on in terms of printing and components.

“Since I send fewer technicians out on service calls, I have the time I need to work with new clients,” adds Gonzalez. “We’ve saved at least 50 percent of service time, which has been huge.”