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Document Security

Traditionally, people clicked “print” from their desks and network printers cranked out and stacked up pages, keeping secrets about as well as the lunchtime crowd in a small-town café. Knowing you need to print many documents but still secure the information they contain, Lexmark offers a variety of features and optional products that make sure only authorized eyes see private output--while saving paper and consumables and giving mobile users new printing choices. It’s the Lexmark way to fortify document security.

Confidential Print

A standard part of the Lexmark Universal Print Driver, Confidential Print holds your job on a specific Lexmark printer or MFP you choose until the intended recipient enters the appropriate PIN. Held jobs can be set to expire after an elapsed time (configurable from one hour to one week). In addition, a limit can be set on the number of times a PIN can be entered incorrectly before the corresponding jobs are purged. Like all forms of print release, you only pay for actual pages printed--not the ones someone printed but never picked up.

Secure Held Print Jobs Application

Prevent the accidental exposure of your sensitive or confidential business information by holding jobs at a specific device until an authorized user walks up and releases the job for printing. That’s the basic premise of the Secure Held Print Jobs eSF app1 for smart devices, which lets users send and store jobs on the printer or MFP and release them at their convenience using a four-digit PIN or ID card.

Print Release

Lexmark Print Management1 lets users send jobs from anywhere and pick them up at any print release-configured device on your network. You’ll improve printing flexibility, avoid having documents piling up on printers, protect the confidentiality of documents that would otherwise be out in the open, and save on printing costs. And the whole release process is secured by credentials entered at the device, in the form of network user identification or an ID badge.

Options like that help Lexmark bringing document security to every print job and every workflow.

1 Optional

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