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Advantage Programme

Protect the value of your technology investment

Your organisation has invested considerable time, effort and budgets into finding and deploying just the right technology solution to help your business run smarter. But as your business demands evolve, your technology needs to evolve as well to keep you up to date with industry best practises and regulatory requirements.

However, technology maintenance often becomes an afterthought, and irregular and infrequent solution maintenance and assessment engagements can result in unexpected budget demands, and extended time and effort commitments from your employees.

Without a periodic solution maintenance and assessment plan, your technology may drift out of alignment with your business processes, leave you vulnerable to new security and compliance risks, and leave your users without the new features and tools they need.

Fortunately, when you chose Lexmark as your solution provider, you have gained a long-term technology partner who understands your needs. You can leverage our commitment to investment in research and development, and our extensive industry and technology expertise to maximise the value of your technology and the competitive advantage it provides.

A service programme you can count on

The Lexmark Advantage programme makes it easy to keep your technology up to date and aligned with business needs by providing regular and proactive solution maintenance and upgrade services at a predictable cost. With Lexmark Advantage, a solution maintenance plan, you get:

    • Technical health checks of the current solution infrastructure as well as surrounding technologies to help improve performance and increase stability.
    • Solution health checks of the current business processes in order to identify opportunities for solution alignment, improvements and business process efficiencies.
    • Upgrades of the current test and production environments, including testing support and issue management, migration to new platforms and go-live support.
    • Preferred services rate for any recommended or requested technical services.

    Additional benefits of our solution maintenance programme

    • Improved solution efficiency and value: Be confident that your environment and solutions are being run with the most up to date configurations and best practises for your business processes, helping you maximise the value of your technology investment. 
    • Regular touch points with industry and technology experts: Scheduled on-site activities including health checks and upgrades provide routine reviews and consultation with our solution architects and industry experts, helping you stay current with industry’s best practises. 
    • Predictable, reduced maintenance costs: Programme fees are distributed evenly over the term period, with predictable monthly payments at a reduced rate.
    • Reduced services rate: Programme provides a preferred rate towards any additional services including new deployments or enhancements.
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