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Discovery Program - Consulting Services

According to the Gartner Group, businesses can reduce output related costs by up to 40% by implementing industry leading assessments that have identify and quantify opportunities for process improvement and cost reduction. The Lexmark Assessment program gives you access to professional people, processes and expertise to help your organisation assess the current state of your output environment and highlight key opportunities for cost saving and productivity gains-then recommends industry leading solutions and deployment principles to deliver this in the real world.

Lexmark consultants use best practice techniques and processes to deliver consistent high value opportunities in-line with our customer’s business requirements. With in excess of a thousand successful consultancy engagements Lexmark can offer a wealth of industry knowledge coupled with experience.

As we have learnt at Lexmark, one size never fits all, thus we have designed three levels of assessment based on your specific situation and environment. These models have been created to offer a flexible and scalable approach adapting to specific circumstances and everyday business pressures.

Health Check

The HealthCheck has been developed to provide your business with a snapshot of the existing output estate. This service is a low impact offering requiring one day on site by a certified Lexmark consultant to gather observational usage data in conjunction with an electronic audit in order to provide a high-level view of the existing output estate.

This information is then played back to your business via a findings presentation. This presentation compares your actual estate Vs industry best practices to highlight areas for maximum savings and potential improvement.

Needs Assessment

Lexmark’s Needs Assessment focuses on identifying opportunities, narrowing options or targeting either a well-defined business process or specific existing condition that appears to be ripe for improvement.
Taking a consultative approach with an analytical-based work effort, this program seeks to identify potential opportunities within the organisation, with two distinct areas of focus:

  • Process - assessment of the interaction between documents, devices and user roles in the business process.
  • Devices - assessment of the existing environment with recommendations for a future state design utilising best of breed functionality and leading edge technology.

OfficePrint Assessment / Due Diligence

OfficePrint Assessment is an analytical engagement that focuses on device-centric issues, including technology selection, placement, usage, service and support for your enterprise. The objective is to optimise end-user productivity and minimise TCO (Total Cost of Print), this is demonstrated through a detailed ROI.

The key objective of the OfficePrint Assessment is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all of your office print operations—network and direct-attached printers, walk-up copiers and fax printing—to better align your output capabilities with your business needs and enhance the flexibility of your organisation’s printing.

This consultative engagement is usually offered to Lexmark MPS (Managed Print Services) customer’s and is designed to deliver in-depth analysis of multiple areas in the office print environment. Among the issues examined are the number of devices, their location and their associated costs, including acquisition, installation, support, utilisation, maintenance and consumables expenses. Both the present state, desired future state and deployment principles of the output environment are explored in detail.