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Solutions Development and Integration

Many routine output processing tasks are ripe for automation, freeing your staff to focus on more critical issues. Lexmark offers the expertise to automate print-intensive document processes in your organisation, with paper-to-digital migration solutions that increase the speed of information sharing to achieve enterprise-wide efficiencies and cost savings and make your organisation more productive and competitive.

Our Solution Development and Integration services design and deliver world-class workflow solutions that seamlessly integrate Lexmark printers and multifunction devices into your business environment.

Secure Printing

As technology and information continue to drive the modern organisation, concerns about document security have increased. Lexmark offers a variety of technology solutions that can secure your printing from the individual device level through the entire output environment.

Electronic Workflow

Successful business practices today demand quick and easy access to information, which makes taking control of document workflow more important than ever. Lexmark can analyze your existing workflow then design and deploy systems to minimise or eliminate the movement of paper and improve your bottom line.

Electronic Forms

Improving document processes, content and functionality can help drive down output costs and shorten cycle times. Lexmark Electronic Forms enable you to create intelligent documents that not only help automate your business processes but result in more functional, professional-looking documents that enhance the image of your organisation.

Print On Demand

Many organisations rely on pre-printed forms, yet they are expensive due to printing and storage costs, obsolescence and waste—even lost business due to delays in printing. Lexmark will help you convert old forms into e-forms which you can print and update as needed from a central location or at the end-user level. We can help you eliminate most or all of your pre-printed forms to achieve significant savings and speed up your business processes.

Legacy Applications

Most organisations have already made significant investments in output infrastructure and software before engaging Lexmark. We can integrate our solutions with a wide range of these "legacy" applications to streamline workflow, improve processes and optimise your total technology ROI.