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Customer and Agent Onboarding

Simplify customer onboarding and bring agents up to speed quickly

Lexmark process and content management solutions for insurance simplify onboarding new customers and help bring new agents up to speed more quickly.

For customer onboarding, our solutions provide a smooth connection between the unstructured content that drives the onboarding process and your legacy systems. Documents and forms are readily available, expediting the process and allowing underwriters to spend more time evaluating risk and less time trying to locate information.

For agent onboarding, our content management and workflow functionality can flag incomplete submissions, track the status of contracts and significantly reduce the costs and cycle time of signing new producers.

In addition, document composition functionality lets you automate requests for supporting documents, create personalised forms and easily build welcome kits with the appropriate compliance language.

With our solutions for customer and agent onboarding, you can:

  • route incoming applications automatically based in IGO/NIGO rules
  • capture documentation in any format and tie to existing records
  • produce cost-efficient, personalised materials and welcome kits that include the appropriate compliance language
  • gain single-click access to documents and track the progress of applications

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A summary of how Lexmark solutions for insurance connect your key processes, unstructured content and legacy systems.

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