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Underwriting and Policy Administration

Get the policy information you need, when you need it

How many hours do your employees spend looking for important underwriting or policy information each week? If they’re like most knowledge workers, the answer is more than seven hours a week. That puts a heavy strain on both productivity and customer service.

Lexmark’s Underwriting and Policy Administration solutions can help. They put pertinent applicant and policyholder documents at your staff’s fingertips – accelerating underwriting workflows and improving policy administration.

You can use the Lexmark Underwriting and Policy Administration process improvement solution to capture documents and link them to applicant files electronically. The files are then automatically routed to the appropriate underwriters, new business representatives and other associates for immediate action.

The result? Your organisation saves time and enhances communication and collaboration with agents and underwriters.

You can expedite policy changes and updates for better service to policyholders. You can make faster, more informed underwriting decisions. You can also protect applicant privacy with security controls that restrict access to protected documents, as well as specific content within those documents.

Benefits of Underwriting and Policy Administration Solutions

  • Increases knowledge worker productivity
  • Promotes more informed underwriting decisions
  • Improves security controls
  • Enhances communication with agents and brokers

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New business and underwriting systems consolidate paper and digital forms, unify records and verify information.