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SAP® Device Types

SAP® provides its own spooling and printing system within the mySAP Business Suite solution® or SAP R/3® application to enable a uniform interface for all printing functions, independently of system platforms.

In the SAP R/3 spool system, a device type contains the information needed to format data for output on a particular type of printer or fax. A typical R/3 device type contains the same information that a printer driver does in a Microsoft Windows system -- all the information needed to make an output-ready data stream for the device.

In those cases when SAP R/3 does not include a device type for a particular type of printer or output device, a new device type must be supplied by the manufacturer. Lexmark supplies device types for use with Lexmark printers that have the Optra Forms electronic forms printing solution installed.

Download the Device Type for the printer or product you have.

SAPNet (OSS) Notes

Visit to obtain these SAPNet Notes:

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Demo SAP Programs

SAP Font Test

You have a Lexmark printer, and want to print all possible font sizes from your SAP application. Here is a layout set that can be uploaded to your R/3 system, which will print all font sizes from 6 to 72 point:

SAP Bar Code Unit Test

You have a Lexmark printer, installed the Bar Code Option, and want to print bar codes from SAP. How do you prove that SAP and the printer work together? Here is a unit test program for users that have installed the Bar Code Option in their laser printers. This is an SAP Standard Text file, which along with the the ZOPTRA device type, allows a "unit test" of a Lexmark printer with R/3, and prints all possible bar code symbologies from R/3 to the printer.

How to use layout set Z_TEST_OPTRA

  1. Import
  2. Go to transaction SE38.
  3. Execute program RSTXSCRP.
  4. Put "Z_TEST_OPTRA" in Object Name field.
  5. Put "IMPORT" in Mode field.
  6. Pick File system GUI radio-button.
  7. Select location of your downloaded Z_TEST_OPTRA.FOR file.
  8. Execute.
  9. Print

You should now be able to view this Layout Set from transaction SE71.

  1. Select Utilities > Test Print on the top bar to print the layout set to your printer.
  2. Ensure that the Output Device you select is a PCL driver, such as ZLEX1.