Company Overview

An Innovative Global Imaging and IoT Solutions Leader

Lexmark creates cloud-enabled imaging and IoT technologies that help customers worldwide quickly realize business outcomes. Through a powerful combination of proven technologies and deep industry expertise, we accelerate business transformation, turning information into insights, data into decisions, and analytics into action.

Founded in 1991 as a spin-off of IBM, our home is Lexington, Kentucky, where we serve customers in more than 170 countries across manufacturing, retail, financial services, healthcare, education, government and more. We are recognized as a global leader in print hardware, services, solutions and security by leading industry analyst firms.

Creating Customers for Life

The Lexmark culture of inquiry, collaboration and responsiveness reinforces a deep, two-way connection with our customers through the solutions we create and the ongoing care we provide. This exceptional customer engagement results in customer loyalty rates that exceed 95 percent across our worldwide managed services. 

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Social Responsibility Is Our Business 

Global citizenship at Lexmark begins with our pledge to provide our customers innovative, high-quality products and services in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, including products and solutions that help customers achieve their own sustainability goals.

This commitment to sustainability encompasses our operations, where we deploy cost-effective best practices for energy conservation, wise water use, and waste reduction; and it extends to our support of community, where Lexmark employees are dedicated to creating cleaner, smarter, safer futures where we live and work.

Lexmark implements global sustainability best practices, aiming for continuous improvement year over year. For details, read the Lexmark Corporate Social Responsibility Report