ECMA-370 (TED)

Lexmark is providing the following ECMA-370 disclosures for printers and multifunction printers announced since 2008. The ECMA-370 declarations can be used to compare the environmental attributes of Lexmark products.

Name Type Products Publish date
Lexmark Profile - Annex A ECMA-370 2016-01-25
Lexmark 2580+, 2580n+, 2581+, 2581n+, 2590+, 2590n+, 2591+, 2591n+ ECMA-370 lexmark-products:hardware/series/dot-matrix 2019-03-04
Lexmark Profile - Annex A ECMA-370 2016-01-25
Lexmark MB2236adwe ECMA-370 MB2236 2021-05-20
Lexmark MX431adw, Lexmark MB3442adw, Lexmark XM1342, Lexmark MB3442i ECMA-370 MX431, MB3442 2021-09-30
Lexmark MS725dvn ECMA-370 MS725 2019-07-02
Lexmark MX521de, Lexmark MX521ade, Lexmark MB2546ade, Lexmark MB2546adwe ECMA-370 MX521, MB2546 2020-08-05
Lexmark MC3326adwe, CX331adwe, MC3326i ECMA-370 MC3326, CX331 2021-09-30
Lexmark MC3224dwe, Lexmark MC3224adwe, Lexmark MC3224i ECMA-370 MC3224 2021-09-30
Lexmark MC2640adwe ECMA-370 MC2640 2020-07-10
Lexmark C3326dw, Lexmark CS331dw ECMA-370 C3326, CS331 2020-07-10
Lexmark C3224dw ECMA-370 C3224 2020-07-10
Lexmark C2535dw ECMA-370 C2535 2021-05-21
Lexmark CX431adw, Lexmark MC3426adw, XC2326, Lexmark MC3426i ECMA-370 CX431, MC3426 2021-09-30
Lexmark CS431dw, Lexmark C3426dw, Lexmark C2326 ECMA-370 CS431, C3426 2021-06-04
Lexmark MX431adn ECMA-370 MX431 2020-04-30
Lexmark MX331adn ECMA-370 MX331 2020-04-30
Lexmark MS431dn, Lexmark MS431dw, Lexmark B3442dw, Lexmark M1342 ECMA-370 MS431, B3442 2021-06-04
Lexmark MS331dn, Lexmark B3340dw ECMA-370 MS331, B3340 2020-04-30
Lexmark MB2236adw, Lexmark MB2236i ECMA-370 MB2236 2021-09-30
Lexmark B2236dw ECMA-370 B2236 2021-06-17
Lexmark CS421dn, Lexmark C2425dw ECMA-370 CS421, C2425 2018-06-19
Lexmark CS521dn ECMA-370 CS521 2019-12-16
Lexmark CS622de, Lexmark C2240 ECMA-370 CS622, C2240 2019-12-05
Lexmark CX421adn, Lexmark MC2325adw, Lexmark MC2425adw ECMA-370 CX421, MC2325, MC2425 2018-06-19
Lexmark CX522ade, Lexmark XC2235, Lexmark MC2535adwe ECMA-370 CX522, XC2235, MC2535 2021-06-17
Lexmark CX622ade, Lexmark CX622adhe, Lexmark XC2240 ECMA-370 CX622, XC2240 2020-12-01
Lexmark CX625ade, Lexmark CX625adhe, Lexmark XC4240 ECMA-370 CX625, XC4240 2019-12-16
Lexmark MS821dn, Lexmark MS822de, Lexmark M5255 ECMA-370 MS821, MS822, M5255 2019-12-05
Lexmark MS823dn, Lexmark MS824de, Lexmark M5265, B2865dw ECMA-370 MS823, MS824, M5265, B2865 2020-03-10
Lexmark MS825dn, Lexmark MS826de, Lexmark M5270 ECMA-370 MS825, MS826, M5270 2019-12-05
Lexmark MX721ade, Lexmark MX721adhe, Lexmark XM5365 ECMA-370 MX721, XM5365 2018-06-19
Lexmark MX722ade, Lexmark MX722adhe, Lexmark XM5365 ECMA-370 MX722, XM5365 2020-03-10
Lexmark MX822ade, Lexmark MX822adxe, Lexmark MX822adtfe, Lexmark XM7355 ECMA-370 MX822, XM7355 2019-12-05
Lexmark MX826ade, Lexmark MX826adxe, Lexmark MX826adtfe, Lexmark XM7370 ECMA-370 MX826, XM7370 2019-12-05
Lexmark CS2325dw ECMA-370 CS2325 2018-06-19
Lexmark MS321dn, Lexmark B2338dw ECMA-370 MS321, B2338 2018-04-17
Lexmark MS421dn, Lexmark MS421dw, Lexmark B2442dw, Lexmark M1242 ECMA-370 MS421, B2442, M1242 2018-04-17
Lexmark MS521dn, Lexmark B2546dn, Lexmark B2546dw, Lexmark M1246 ECMA-370 MS521, B2546, M1246 2019-12-16
Lexmark MS621dn, MS622de, B2650dn, Lexmark B2650dw, Lexmark M3250 ECMA-370 MS621, MS622, B2650, M3250 2020-11-11
Lexmark MX321adn, Lexmark MX321adw, Lexmark MB2338adw, Lexmark XM1238 ECMA-370 MX321, MB2338 2018-04-17
Lexmark MX421ade, Lexmark MB2442adwe, Lexmark XM1242 ECMA-370 MX421, MB2442, XM1242 2018-04-17
Lexmark MX622ade, Lexmark MX622adhe, Lexmark MB2650ade, Lexmark MB2650adwe, ECMA-370 MX622, MB2650 2022-02-19
Lexmark CX924dte, Lexmark CX924dxe, Lexmark XC9265 ECMA-370 CX924, XC9265 2017-09-12
Lexmark CS923de ECMA-370 CS923 2017-09-12
Lexmark CX920de, XC9225 ECMA-370 CX920, XC9225 2020-04-17
Lexmark CX923dte, Lexmark CX923dxe, Lexmark XC9255 ECMA-370 CX923, XC9255 2020-03-10
Lexmark CX922de, Lexmark XC9245 ECMA-370 CX922, XC9245 2019-12-16
Lexmark CX921de, Lexmark CX927de, Lexmark XC9235 ECMA-370 CX921, CX927, XC9235 2020-10-28
Lexmark CS921de, Lexmark CS927de, Lexmark C9235 ECMA-370 CS921, CS927, C9235 2017-09-12
Lexmark CS820de, CS820dte, CS820dtfe, C6160, CS827de ECMA-370 CS820, C6160, CS827 2019-12-05
Lexmark CX820de, CX820dtfe, XC6152, CX827de ECMA-370 CX820, XC6152 2017-06-01
Lexmark CX825de, Lexmark CX825dte, Lexmark CX825dtfe, Lexmark XC8155 ECMA-370 CX825, XC8155 2019-12-05
Lexmark CX860de, Lexmark CX860dte, Lexmark CX860dtfe, Lexmark XC8160 ECMA-370 CX860 2019-12-05
Lexmark CS720de, CS720dte, CS727de ECMA-370 CS720, CS727 2017-06-01
Lexmark CS725de, CS725dte, C4150, CS728de ECMA-370 CS725, C4150, CS728 2019-12-05
Lexmark CX725de, CX725dhe, CX725dthe, XC4150, CX727de ECMA-370 CX725, XC4150 2019-12-05
Lexmark XC4140 ECMA-370 XC4140 2020-02-05
Lexmark MX510de, MX511de, MX511dte, MX511dhe, XM1145, MX517dn ECMA-370 MX510, MX511 2017-06-01
Lexmark MX912de, Lexmark MX912dxe, Lexmark XM9165 ECMA-370 MX912, XM9165 2014-05-22
Lexmark MX910de, Lexmark MX910dxe, Lexmark XM9145 ECMA-370 MX910, XM9145 2020-10-28
Lexmark MX911de, Lexmark MX911dte, Lexmark XM9155 ECMA-370 MX911, XM9155 2020-10-28
Lexmark MS911de ECMA-370 MS911 2014-05-21
Lexmark CX510de, CX510dhe, CX510dthe, XC2132, CS517de ECMA-370 CX510 2017-06-01
Lexmark CX410de-dte, XC2130, CX417de ECMA-370 CX410, CX417 2017-03-01
Lexmark CX310n, CX310dn, CX317dn ECMA-370 CX310, CX317 2017-03-01
Lexmark CS510de, CS510dte, C2132, CS517de ECMA-370 CS510 2017-06-01
Lexmark CS410n,dn,dtn, CS417dn ECMA-370 CS410, CS417 2017-03-01
Lexmark CS310n, CS310dn, CS317dn ECMA-370 CS310 2017-03-01
Lexmark MX812dxe, Lexmark MX812dxfe, Lexmark MX812dxme, Lexmark XM7170x, Lexmark MX812de, Lexmark MX812dfe, Lexmark MX812dme, Lexmark XM7170, Lexmark MX812dte, Lexmark MX812dtfe, Lexmark MX812dtme ECMA-370 MX812 2014-02-28
Lexmark MX811dxe, Lexmark MX811dxfe, Lexmark MX811dxme, Lexmark XM7163x, Lexmark MX811de, Lexmark MX811dfe, Lexmark MX811dme, Lexmark XM7163, Lexmark MX811dte, Lexmark MX811dtfe, Lexmark MX811dtme ECMA-370 MX811 2014-02-28
Lexmark MX810dxe, Lexmark MX810dxfe, Lexmark MX810dxme, Lexmark XM7155x, Lexmark MX810de, Lexmark MX810dfe, Lexmark MX810dme, Lexmark XM7155, Lexmark MX810dte, Lexmark MX810dtfe, Lexmark MX810dtme ECMA-370 MX810 2014-02-28
Lexmark MX711de, MX711de 3, MX711dhe, MX711dthe, XM5170, MX718de ECMA-370 MX711 2017-06-01
Lexmark MX710de, MX710de 3, MX710dhe, XM5163, MX717de ECMA-370 MX710 2017-06-01
Lexmark MS610dn, MS610dtn, MS617dn ECMA-370 MS610 2017-06-01
Lexmark MS610de, Lexmark MS610dte, M3150 ECMA-370 MS610 2014-02-24
Lexmark MS510dn, M1145dn, MS517dn ECMA-370 MS510 2017-06-01
Lexmark MS410d, Lexmark MS410dn, Lexmark XM1140 ECMA-370 MS410 2014-02-21
Lexmark MS310d, Lexmark MS310dn ECMA-370 MS310 2014-02-21
Lexmark MS315dn ECMA-370 MS315 2014-02-20
Lexmark MS415dn, M1140+, MS417dn ECMA-370 MS415 2017-03-01
Lexmark MS312dn, MS317dn ECMA-370 MS312 2017-03-01
Lexmark MS711dn ECMA-370 MS711 2014-12-08
Lexmark MS710dn ECMA-370 MS710 2014-12-08
Lexmark MS812dn, Lexmark MS812dtn ECMA-370 MS812 2014-02-25
Lexmark MS812de, Lexmark M5170 ECMA-370 MS812 2014-02-25
Lexmark MS811n, MS811dn, MS811dtn, MS818dn ECMA-370 MS811 2017-06-01
Lexmark MS810dn, MS810dtn, MS817dn ECMA-370 MS810 2017-06-01
Lexmark MS810de, Lexmark M5155 ECMA-370 MS810 2014-02-24
Lexmark M5163 ECMA-370 M5163 2014-02-25
Lexmark MX610de, MX611de, MX611dte, MX611dhe, XM3150, MX617de ECMA-370 MX610, MX611 2017-06-01
Lexmark MX410de, XM1140, MX417de ECMA-370 MX410 2017-03-01
Lexmark MX310dn, MX317dn ECMA-370 MX310 2017-03-01
Lexmark Pro4000 ECMA-370 Pro4000 2012-04-02
Lexmark Pro4000c ECMA-370 Pro4000 2012-04-02
Lexmark Pro5500 ECMA-370 Pro5500 2012-04-02
Lexmark Pro5500t ECMA-370 Pro5500 2012-04-02
Lexmark C746dn, Lexmark C746dtn ECMA-370 C746 2012-01-09
Lexmark C746n ECMA-370 C746 2012-01-09
Lexmark C748de, Lexmark C748dte, Lexmark CS748de ECMA-370 C748 2012-01-09
Lexmark C748e ECMA-370 C748 2012-01-09
Lexmark X746de ECMA-370 X746 2012-01-09
Lexmark X748de, Lexmark X748dte, Lexmark XS748de ECMA-370 X748 2012-01-09
Lexmark S315 Series ECMA-370 S315 2012-01-12
Lexmark S415 Series ECMA-370 S415 2012-01-12
Lexmark S515 Series ECMA-370 S515 2012-01-12
Lexmark Pro710 Series ECMA-370 Pro710 2011-11-16
Lexmark Pro910 Series ECMA-370 Pro910 2011-11-16
Lexmark Genesis S815, Lexmark Genesis S816 ECMA-370 S815 2010-12-10
Lexmark Impact S305, Lexmark Impact S308 ECMA-370 S305 2009-08-24
Lexmark Interact S605 ECMA-370 S605 2009-08-25
Lexmark Interpret S405, Lexmark Interpret S408 ECMA-370 S405 2009-08-24
Lexmark Intuition S505, Lexmark Intuition S508 ECMA-370 S505 2009-08-25
Lexmark Platinum Pro905, Lexmark Platinum Pro904, Lexmark Platinum Pro903, Lexmark Pro901 ECMA-370 Pro905 2009-08-24
Lexmark Prestige Pro805, Lexmark Prestige Pro803 ECMA-370 Pro805 2009-08-24
Lexmark Prevail Pro705, Lexmark Prevail Pro703 ECMA-370 Pro705 2009-08-24
Lexmark Prospect Pro205, Lexmark Prospect Pro208 ECMA-370 Pro205 2009-08-24
Lexmark X2650 All-In-One ECMA-370 X2650 2008-03-19
Lexmark X3650 All-in-One ECMA-370 X3650 2011-06-15
Lexmark X4650 All-In-One ECMA-370 X4650 2011-06-15
Lexmark X4900 All-in-One Series ECMA-370 X4900 2011-06-15
Lexmark X5410 All-in-One ECMA-370 X5410 2011-06-15
Lexmark X5600 Series All-in-One ECMA-370 X5600 2011-06-15
Lexmark X6600 Series All-in-One ECMA-370 X6600 2011-06-15
Lexmark X7600 All-in-One Series ECMA-370 X7600 2011-06-15
Lexmark Z2300 Series ECMA-370 Z2300 2011-06-15
Lexmark Z2400 Series ECMA-370 Z2400 2011-06-15
Lexmark CS736dn ECMA-370 CS736 2011-12-16
Lexmark ES360dn ECMA-370 S360 2011-12-16
Lexmark ES460dn ECMA-370 S460 2011-12-16
Lexmark TS650n ECMA-370 TS650 2011-12-16
Lexmark TS654dn ECMA-370 TS654 2011-12-16
Lexmark XS364dn ECMA-370 XS364 2011-12-16
Lexmark XS463de, Lexmark XS466de ECMA-370 XS463 2011-12-16
Lexmark XS544dn ECMA-370 XS544 2011-12-16
Lexmark XS548de ECMA-370 XS548 2011-12-16
Lexmark XS652de ECMA-370 XS652 2011-12-16
Lexmark XS654de, Lexmark XS656dte ECMA-370 XS654 2011-12-16
Lexmark XS658dfe, Lexmark XS658dme ECMA-370 XS658 2011-12-16
Lexmark XS734de ECMA-370 XS734 2011-12-16
Lexmark XS736de, Lexmark XS795de ECMA-370 XS736, XS795 2011-12-16
Lexmark XS795de ECMA-370 XS795 2014-02-28
Lexmark XS738de ECMA-370 XS738 2011-12-16
Lexmark XS860de 4 ECMA-370 XS860 2011-12-16
Lexmark XS862de 4 ECMA-370 XS862 2011-12-16
Lexmark XS864de 4 ECMA-370 XS864 2011-12-16
Lexmark XS925de ECMA-370 XS925 2011-12-16
Lexmark XS950de ECMA-370 XS950 2011-12-16
Lexmark C540n ECMA-370 C540 2008-09-12
Lexmark C543dn ECMA-370 C543 2008-09-12
Lexmark C544dn, C544dtn, C544dw ECMA-370 C544 2008-09-12
Lexmark C544n ECMA-370 C544 2008-09-12
Lexmark C546dtn ECMA-370 C546 2009-07-16
Lexmark C780dn/C780dtn ECMA-370 C780 2007-02-15
Lexmark C780n ECMA-370 C780 2007-02-15
Lexmark C782dn/C782dtn ECMA-370 C782 2007-02-15
Lexmark C782n ECMA-370 C782 2007-02-15
Lexmark C792de, Lexmark CS796de ECMA-370 C792 2010-10-13
Lexmark C792dhe ECMA-370 C792 2010-10-13
Lexmark C792dte ECMA-370 C792 2010-10-13
Lexmark C792e ECMA-370 C792 2010-10-13
Lexmark C925de ECMA-370 C925 2010-10-26
Lexmark C935dn, Lexmark C935dtn, Lexmark C935dttn, Lexmark C935hdn ECMA-370 C935 2007-04-23
Lexmark C950de ECMA-370 C950 2011-06-09
Lexmark E260d, Lexmark E260dn ECMA-370 E260 2008-07-30
Lexmark E360d, Lexmark E360dn ECMA-370 E360 2008-07-30
Lexmark E460dn ECMA-370 E460 2008-07-30
Lexmark E460dw ECMA-370 E460 2009-06-09
Lexmark E462dtn ECMA-370 E462 2009-08-03
Lexmark T650dn, dtn ECMA-370 T650 2008-09-12
Lexmark T650dn, dtn ECMA-370 T650 2010-01-07
Lexmark T650n ECMA-370 T650 2008-09-12
Lexmark T652dn, dtn ECMA-370 T652 2008-09-12
Lexmark T652n ECMA-370 T652 2008-09-12
Lexmark T654dn, dtn ECMA-370 T654 2008-09-12
Lexmark T654n ECMA-370 T654 2008-09-12
Lexmark T656dne ECMA-370 T656 2009-09-10
Lexmark C734dn, Lexmark C734dtn, Lexmark C734dw ECMA-370 C734 2009-02-19
Lexmark C734n ECMA-370 C734 2009-02-19
Lexmark C736dn, Lexmark C736dtn ECMA-370 C736 2009-02-19
Lexmark C736n ECMA-370 C736 2009-02-19
Lexmark X264dn ECMA-370 X264 2009-03-04
Lexmark X363dn, Lexmark X364dn, LexmarkX364dw ECMA-370 X363 2009-03-04
Lexmark X734de ECMA-370 X734 2009-03-04
Lexmark X736de ECMA-370 X736 2009-03-04
Lexmark X738de, Lexmark X738dte ECMA-370 X738 2009-03-04
Lexmark X463de, Lexmark X464de, Lexmark X466de, Lexmark X466dte, Lexmark X466dwe ECMA-370 X463 2009-02-04
Lexmark X203n ECMA-370 X203 2009-05-28
Lexmark X204n ECMA-370 X204 2009-05-28
Lexmark W850dn ECMA-370 W850 2009-05-13
Lexmark W850n ECMA-370 W850 2009-05-13
Lexmark X500n & X502n ECMA-370 X500 2007-12-17
Lexmark X543dn ECMA-370 X543 2008-09-12
Lexmark X544dn, X544dtn, X544dw ECMA-370 X544 2008-09-12
Lexmark X544n ECMA-370 X544 2008-09-12
Lexmark X546dtn ECMA-370 X546 2009-07-30
Lexmark X548de ECMA-370 X548 2011-05-12
Lexmark X548dte ECMA-370 X548 2011-05-12
Lexmark X560n ECMA-370 X560 2007-12-13
Lexmark X651de, X652de ECMA-370 X651 2008-09-12
Lexmark X654de, Lexmark X656de, Lexmark X656dte ECMA-370 X654 2008-09-12
Lexmark X658de, Lexmark X658dte, Lexmark X658dfe, Lexmark X658dme, Lexmark X658dtfe, Lexmark X658dtme ECMA-370 X658 2008-09-12
Lexmark X782e ECMA-370 X782 2007-04-16
Lexmark X792de, Lexmark XS796de ECMA-370 X792 2010-10-13
Lexmark X792dte, Lexmark XS796dte ECMA-370 X792 2010-10-13
Lexmark X792dtfe, Lexmark X792dtme, Lexmark X792dtpe, Lexmark X792dtse ECMA-370 X792 2010-10-13
Lexmark X792e ECMA-370 X792 2010-10-13
Lexmark X860de ECMA-370 X860 2009-05-13
Lexmark X862de ECMA-370 X862 2009-05-13
Lexmark X862dte ECMA-370 X862 2009-05-13
Lexmark X864de ECMA-370 X864 2009-05-13
Lexmark X864dhe ECMA-370 X864 2009-05-13
Lexmark X925de ECMA-370 X925 2010-11-23
Lexmark X940e ECMA-370 X940 2008-07-22
Lexmark X945e ECMA-370 X945 2008-07-22
Lexmark X950de ECMA-370 X950 2011-06-09
Lexmark X952dte ECMA-370 X952 2011-06-09
Lexmark X954dhe ECMA-370 X954 2011-06-09
Lexmark XS955dhe ECMA-370 XS955 2011-06-09
Lexmark CS730de, C4342 ECMA-370 C4342, CS730 2023-05-11
Lexmark CS735de, C4352 ECMA-370 CS735, C4352 2023-05-11
Lexmark CX730de, XC4342 ECMA-370 XC4342, CX730 2023-05-11
Lexmark CX735adse, XC4352 ECMA-370 XC4352, CX735 2023-05-11
Lexmark CS943de ECMA-370 CS943 2023-05-11
Lexmark CX930dse, XC9325 ECMA-370 CX930, XC9325 2023-05-11
Lexmark CX931dse, CX931dtse, XC9335 ECMA-370 XC9335, CX931 2023-05-11
Lexmark MX432adwe, XM3142 ECMA-370 XM3142, MX432 2023-05-11
Lexmark CX942adse, XC9445 ECMA-370 XC9445, CX942 2023-05-11
Lexmark CX943adtse, CX943adxse, XC9455 ECMA-370 XC9445, CX943 2023-05-11
Lexmark CX944adtse, CX944adxse, XC9465 ECMA-370 CX944, XC9465 2023-05-11
Lexmark-MX931dse ECMA-370 MX931 2023-05-11
Lexmark CS531dw, C2335 ECMA-370 CS531, C2335, CS series, C Series 2023-05-15
Lexmark CS632dwe ECMA-370 CS632 2023-05-15
Lexmark CX635adwe ECMA-370 CX635 2023-05-15
Lexmark MS531dw ECMA-370 MS531 2023-05-11
Lexmark MS631dw ECMA-370 MS631 2023-05-11
Lexmark MS632dwe, M3350 ECMA-370 MS632, M3350 2023-05-11
Lexmark MX532adwe ECMA-370 MX532 2023-05-11
Lexmark MX632adwe, XM3350. ECMA-370 XM3350, MX632 2023-04-26
Lexmark CX532adwe, XC2335 ECMA-370 XC2335, CX532 2023-05-17
Lexmark CS963e, CS963g ECMA-370 CS963 2024-06-05
Lexmark CX961se, CX961tse, CX961g, CX961tg, XC9635 ECMA-370 XC9635, CX961 2024-06-05
Lexmark CX962se, CX962tse, CX962g, CX962tg, XC9645 ECMA-370 CX962, XC9645 2024-06-05
Lexmark CX963se, CX963xse, CX963g, CX963xg, XC9655 ECMA-370 CX963, XC9655 2024-06-05
Lexmark CX833se, CX833xse, CX833g, CX833xg, XC8355 ECMA-370 CX833, XC8355 2024-06-05