High performance printers and all-in-ones. ​

Sturdy steel frames and long-life components.

Security that’s second to none. 

Offset the impact of your printing.

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Work smarter,not harder

Two sided color printing

Double your potential with the Lexmark GO Linetm series. Every Lexmark printer comes standard with two-sided print. That means less paper, less waste and more productivity.


Scan and go with two-sided, lightning-fast scanning on Lexmark advanced all-in-ones.

Device touchscreen

Meet office demands with convenient touchscreens and impressive print speeds that keep pace with your needs. 

Wireless printing

Expand your capabilities. Cloud connection is standard on most all-in-ones.

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Rely on durability

We put as much thought into our design as you do into your business.

Small business

Every printer is built to last with a sturdy steel frame so you can focus less on your printer and more on your business.

Engineering a steel frame

Onboard sensors automatically adjust for your environment to ensure optimal performance. ​

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protect your information with Lexmark devices
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Protectyour information

When it comes to security, there are no second chances. That's why more banks, governments and schools trust Lexmark to protect information on the printer, over the network and at all points in between. 

secure office

Lexmark’s end-to-end security means you have the confidence to efficiently and effectively get the job done, knowing your printer and information are protected every step of the way.

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Reduce yourfootprint

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Sustainability is at the heart of every Lexmark printer—from sustainable design to efficient use to responsible recycling:

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Why Lexmark GO Line?

Besides durable steel frames and high performance, you get our experience, industry expertise and real-world insights inside every box.