ErP Lot 26

Lexmark, along with other Imaging Equipment Manufacturers, are required under European Regulation EC 801/2013 to disclose the Network Standby Power to customers of products that are registered as EMC Class B according to EN 55022. EC 801/2013, also known as the ErP Lot 26 implementing measure is part of the CE Mark requirements for products sold in the European Union.

Name Type Products Publish date
Lexmark MB2236adwe ErP Lot 26 MB2236 2022-02-19
Lexmark CX331adwe / MC3326adwe ErP Lot 26 CX331, MC3326 2022-02-19
Lexmark CS331dw / C3326dw ErP Lot 26 CS331, C3326 2022-02-19
Lexmark C3224dw ErP Lot 26 C3224 2022-02-19
Lexmark B2236dw ErP Lot 26 B2236 2022-11-02
Lexmark MS321dn, B2338dn and B2338dw ErP Lot 26 MS321, B2338 2020-10-29
Lexmark MS321dn, B2338dn and B2338dw ErP Lot 26 MS321, B2338 2020-10-29
Lexmark MS621dn, B2650dn, B2650dw, MS622de and M3250 ErP Lot 26 B2650, M3250, MS622, MS621 2020-10-29
Lexmark B3340dw and MS331dn ErP Lot 26 B3340, MS331 2019-10-31
Lexmark C2425dw and CS421dn ErP Lot 26 CS421, C2425 2020-10-29
Lexmark CS521dn and C2535dw ErP Lot 26 CS521, C2535 2020-10-29
Lexmark CS720de, CS720dte, CS727de, CS725de, CS725dte, CS728de and C4150 ErP Lot 26 CS720, C4150, CS725, CS727, CS728 2020-10-29
Lexmark CS431dw and C3426dw ErP Lot 26 CS431, C3426 2019-11-20
Lexmark CS622de and C2240 ErP Lot 26 CS622, C2240 2020-10-29
Lexmark CX725de, CX725dhe, CX725dthe, CX727de, XC4140 and XC4150 ErP Lot 26 XC4140, CX725, XC4150 2020-10-29
Lexmark CX431adw and MC3426adw ErP Lot 26 CX431, MC3426 2019-11-20
Lexmark CX522ade, XC2235, MC2535adwe ErP Lot 26 CX522, MC2535, XC2235 2020-10-29
Lexmark CX622ade and MC2640adwe ErP Lot 26 MC2640, CX622 2020-10-29
Lexmark CX625ade, CX625adhe and XC4240 ErP Lot 26 XC4240, CX625 2020-10-29
Lexmark MB2236adw ErP Lot 26 MB2236 2022-11-02
Lexmark MX321adn, MX321adw and MB2338adw ErP Lot 26 MB2338, MX321 2020-10-29
Lexmark MC2325adw, MC2425adw and CX421adn ErP Lot 26 MC2325, CX421, MC2425 2020-10-29
Lexmark MS421dn, MS421dw, M1242 and B2442dw ErP Lot 26 B2442, MS421, M1242 2020-10-29
Lexmark MS431dw, MS431dn and B3442dw ErP Lot 26 B3442, MS431 2019-10-21
Lexmark MX331adn ErP Lot 26 MX331 2019-10-21
Lexmark MX421ade, XM1242 and MB2442adwe ErP Lot 26 MB2442, MX421, XM1242 2020-10-29
Lexmark MX431adw, MX431adn and MB3442adw ErP Lot 26 MX431, MB3442 2019-10-21
Lexmark MX432adwe and XM3142 ErP Lot 26 XM3142, MX432 2022-06-30
Lexmark CS531dw and C2335 ErP Lot 26 CS531, C2335 2022-12-07
Lexmark CX532adwe and XC2335 ErP Lot 26 XC2335, CX532 2022-12-07
Lexmark MS531dw ErP Lot 26 MS531 2022-11-03
Lexmark MS631dw ErP Lot 26 MS631 2022-11-03
Lexmark MS632dwe and M3350 ErP Lot 26 MS632, M3350 2022-11-03
Lexmark MC3224adwe, MC3224dwe and MC3224i ErP Lot 26 MC3224 2019-11-21