Job Title:

Embedded Platforms Electrical HW Engineer Student (summer)

Business Area:

College co-op/internship


Lexington, KY USA

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Embedded Platforms Electrical HW Engineer Student (summer)

Lexmark is seeking Electrical Engineering students who are quick learners and hard workers, with strong technical skills equally balanced with good interpersonal skills. There are a broad range of opportunities associated with but not limited to, analog and digital electronics, power electronics, ASICs, communication and interface circuits, sensors, control theory, motors, and electronic system design. During the term, students will gain an understanding and appreciation of analog & digital design, motion control, sensors, and embedded electronic systems used for controlling laser print engines.

As a member of the embedded platform team you will work with senior engineer(s) to verify and validate product designs, including the following:

  • Perform circuit analysis
  • Create circuit designs
  • High speed digital design/analysis
  • Run experiments to validate concepts and design
  • Write reports on experimental results
  • Perform functional testing
  • Perform signal quality testing
  • Perform component stress testing
  • Run thermal tests and perform analysis
  • Perform fault testing
  • Design and improve test methodologies / develop test programs
  • Use programming environments (C, MATLAB, LabVIEW, etc.) to accomplish one’s work

The student should be working towards a BSEE or MSEE degree.