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Job Title:

Electrical Engineer Student - Motion Control (summer)

Business Area:

College co-op/internship


Lexington, KY USA

Job ID:


Electrical Engineer Student - Motion Control (summer)

We are looking for an EE student to work in the Motion Control group, which operates at the intersection of multiple technical fields (electrical, mechanical, programming, control theory, and motors) to deliver motion control solutions for Lexmark products.  Our group utilizes a variety of motor types (brush DC, brushless DC, and stepper), components (pinions/pulleys, encoders, motor drivers, etc.), tools (custom PCBAs, torque transducers, oscilloscopes, embedded systems, etc.), and programming environments (C, MATLAB, LabVIEW, etc.) to accomplish its work, and the student will have the opportunity to learn and experience one or more of them.  Project details are determined just before the start date, based on current needs and alignment with the student’s skills and interests.

Minimum 3.0 GPA required