Managed Print Services (MPS)

Changing workforce causes companies to reassess their print environments

A sound MPS strategy includes a comprehensive assessment of your workforce and print environment.

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Here are some considerations to ask a Managed Print Services (MPS) providers to ensure your fleet is properly optimized.

Is your print environment optimized for a changing workforce? If your organization is like many companies today, you have a growing number of employees who work from home (or from wherever they want) at least a few days a week.

Another trend has companies doing away with assigned desks. With ever-advancing technology enabling people to work almost anywhere, it’s becoming increasingly important for organizations to assess their print environments. For example, as more employees use mobile devices to do their work, they need to be able to access corporate applications and print from these devices.

Assessment is vital to a successful managed print services implementation. Knowing how many and what types of devices would be most beneficial, as well as where those devices should be placed, is essential to optimizing your document environment—which will ultimately save you valuable time and money.

Important questions to ask MPS providers include:

  1. Who will conduct the assessment and are they experts in your industry?
  2. How many assessments have they completed (overall and in your industry)?
  3. How thorough is the assessment?

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