Managed Print Services leans on technology to boost efficiency

Lexmark managed print services can utilize predictive analytics and the internet of things to ensure fleet efficiency.

Managed Print Services Process

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Your devices are talking. Are you listening?

All the devices in our world today that have sensors, software, and are on a network, are part of the increasingly massive Internet of Things (IoT). From watches to kitchen appliances, from voice assistants to vehicles, the IoT is everywhere and affects nearly everything we do. Insights gained through smart sensors and predictive analytics are enabling organizations to provide a better customer experience.

Predictive analytics boost efficiency

With so many connected devices and so much data collected, it’s reasonable to expect your managed print services (MPS) provider to deliver an accurate view of your fleet and seamlessly take action to reduce or eliminate disruption to your business. The key is the ability to capture and interpret millions of data points about managed print devices.

Using predictive analytics based on data collected from device sensors could allow for a service technician to be dispatched before the device experiences any downtime. In some cases, devices can even be fixed remotely. How’s that for efficiency? Learn more about this technology-based approach to managed print services.

Discover why Quocirca named Lexmark a leader in this independent analysis of the global enterprise MPS market.

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