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On the horizon: Searching for the right cloud print partner

With its multi-tenant cloud architecture and ease of deployment, Lexmark Cloud Services brings a full suite of print-optimizing capabilities to any print environment.

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When it comes to print management, cloud technology is providing businesses with new ways to streamline and simplify how they maintain infrastructure, monitor processes and mobilize users.

The bottom line is that a successful cloud print strategy has the power to optimize your entire environment so that you’re printing less across your organization. That can mean significantly lower costs in maintenance, supplies and services.

And this future vision of print management may be closer than you think. But it’s only possible with the right partner.

Here are five things to look for in your cloud print services provider:

  1. An expert in device and print management: You need a partner that has a proven track record of helping organizations solve the print puzzle. From understanding your device needs, to knowing how to help you gain actionable insight, your provider should be well-versed in print first, and have an understanding of the cloud specifically in the context of your printing needs.
  2. A provider that prioritizes security: When it comes to implementing cloud technology on any level of your organization, making sure your information is protected is a key concern. To feel confident about the state of your device and document security, look for a partner who has a proven track record in this area. Your cloud print provider should prioritize security every step of the way, and go the extra mile to make you feel at ease.
  3. A hybrid cloud option: In some instances—for certain groups or departments within your organization—you may prefer to keep printed documents on your side of the firewall. For these situations, it’s important to look for a vendor that offers a hybrid cloud option. This option will allow you to control exactly how, when and where you leverage cloud capabilities, giving you the best of both worlds.
  4. A solution that can scale with your changing needs: One of the major benefits of leveraging the cloud is that it’s technology that can adapt to changes without additional resources. To maximize this, look for a provider that offers a subscription model, so that you’re only paying for the features you use.
  5. A true suite of services—not just single, one-off features: A good cloud print services partner will be forward-thinking, anticipating your future needs when it comes to cloud technology. To ensure this, find a provider that offers a robust, growing suite of services; one that provides you with options and has the power to help you manage every part of your print environment.

Despite growing digital trends, print is going to remain a vital part of business processes. Lexmark’s all-new suite of cloud services was carefully designed with your needs and concerns in mind. Whether you’re just starting your search for the right cloud partner, or you have a list of specific requirements, we’re here to help. To learn more about Lexmark’s approach to cloud-enabled printing, visit

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