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Cloud Services

Print Infrastructure is So Yesterday

Leveraging cloud and IoT technology, Lexmark Cloud Print Infrastructure as a Service allows you to dramatically simplify your print environment.

Printer in a cloud

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As organizations seek to remove IT complexity, Lexmark is simplifying enterprise print with its Cloud Print Infrastructure as a Service (CPI) offering. CPI utilizes IoT and cloud technologies to take Lexmark’s industry-leading MPS offering to a new level.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Deploy Lexmark IoT Devices:  Lexmark owned and managed devices are installed based on industry-best practice data and agreed-upon deployment principles, and IoT smart services are activated.
  2. Eliminate Infrastructure:  Print servers, queue management, user management and data collection are moved to the cloud and secure cloud print release is enabled.
  3. Subscribe:  ou choose from simplified as-a-service billing models that work best for your organization, including usage-based utility, flat-rate or traditional, purchase plus use options.

This combination of IoT-connected devices, smart services and cloud infrastructure through a subscription service simplifies all facets of the print environment—from acquisition to management and use.

Go here for more information on Lexmark Cloud Print Service offerings.