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Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program (LCCP)

Lexmark is dedicated to environmentally friendly business practices. We encourage customers to do their part by following the steps below to recycle toner cartridges.


Cartridge Recycling

Cartridge Recycling - Cartridge in Package

Step 1: Package It

Place the used cartridge in the bag from your new cartridge.

Cartridge Recycling - Cartridge in Box

Step 2: Box It

Place the bag containing your used cartridge into the empty box from your new cartridge. Tape the box closed.

Cartridge Recycling - Label on Box

Step 3: Label It

Attach the return label included in the box or received from Lexmark.

Cartridge Recycling - Box to Truck

Step 4: Ship It

Place your cartridge for return pick up by the designated carrier.

Note: Only genuine Lexmark supplies are eligible for this recycling program.  Lexmark reserves the right to return ineligible materials to the sender at the sender's expense, and to recover any associated costs from the sender.

Sustainability Tip: You can return multiple cartridges using just one label!  Simply place your boxed cartridges in an empty box (office paper boxes work well) or tape multiple boxed cartridges together.  Then attach the label and ship it.

Free and easy cartridge recycling since 1991

In more than 60 countries worldwide, customers participating in the award-winning Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program (LCCP) return more than 1 out of 3 toner cartridges, far exceeding industry averages. LCCP follows a zero landfill and incineration policy, ensuring that all the empty cartridges returned from customers are reused or recycled to their greatest environmental benefit.

Lexmark continues to innovate with its closed-loop cartridge recycling operations. Our toner cartridge product line contains, on average, an industry-leading 18% by weight of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic content, partially provided through LCCP.  Lexmark has established an impressive goal to reach a 25% average PCR plastic content for our entire toner cartridge line by 2018.

Adding up the environmental benefits

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies demonstrate just how significant the environmental benefit is when customers recycle their used toner cartridges through the LCCP. LCA studies conducted by an independent firm show that by sending a used Lexmark toner cartridge back to us for recycling, as opposed to discarding it in a landfill, a cartridge’s overall carbon footprint is reduced by up to 50%.

Lexmark’s Unison™ toner takes a revolutionary leap forward in sustainability. Its special formulation allows us to do more with less -- using fewer materials to deliver more pages in an improved carbon footprint.  Plus, it offers real energy savings and faster first-print times because it prints at a low temperature.

Learn more about Lexmark's recycling benefits 

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