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Copy Center

Make the most of teacher prep time

Copying and printing can eat up a lot of precious time that could be better spent on teaching students. Not only do the associated costs add up fast, these tasks can also become an administrative and maintenance headache.

Fortunately, Lexmark has a better way. With Copy Center, you can save money on your district’s copy costs, cut down on operational expenses and devote more time to your top priority—student achievement.

Two convenient ways to make copies

This solution makes it easy for teachers and administrators to request and receive copy jobs needed for classroom handouts, staff training and more by either submitting copy requests from the Copy Center Web Portal or directly from the touchscreen of a Lexmark multifunction product (MFP).

To help you track usage and prevent unauthorized copying at the MFP, users can authenticate their identity by swiping their ID badges. They can also archive copies of their scanned documents by routing them directly to a dedicated folder on their computers, saving time and simplifying future retrieval and resubmittal.

So if you’re ready to cut your district’s copy usage down to size—and save valuable teaching time in the process—Lexmark’s Copy Center can make it happen. Use it with Lexmark Print Management to further reduce waste and protect sensitive information.

Benefits of Copy Center

  • Submit copy jobs conveniently—from home, at night or on weekends
  • Save money on paper, toner and maintenance costs
  • Give teachers more time for meaningful prep activities
  • Authorize and track usage with badge authentication for increased control
  • Protect confidential student information to comply with privacy policies
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