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Wherever you are today with managed print services, the flexibility of Lexmark MPS allows you to start where it makes the most sense for your agency. We make it easy to optimize, manage and streamline your document environment.

Optimize your output infrastructure for greater efficiency

Turn information into insight with Lexmark Managed Print Services.

Government agencies often have sprawling fleets of output devices from multiple manufacturers. Outdated equipment breaks, which leads to work disruptions and more help desk calls. Maintaining situational awareness on a hodgepodge fleet of devices can be difficult.

To help solve this problem, Lexmark’s globally consistent managed print services (MPS) platform features thoughtful placement of the right devices in the right places. Our implementation plans are built on industry best practices and recognize the needs and nuances of different types of government agencies. We help you reduce the overall number of devices that you are required to support and maintain.

Smart multifunction products (MFPs) play a key role in creating a productivity platform for the future. Intuitive icon-driven processes can be initiated right from the touch screen, creating a bridge between hardcopy and your core business systems.

Lexmark’s thorough assessment and deployment processes will have your optimized environment up and running faster than you may think.

Why Lexmark Managed Print Services?

  • Over 1,300 government assessments completed
  • Smart MFPs are placed where workers need them most
  • Standardized user interface reduces training time 

Manage your output fleet for greater control

Gain visibility, cost savings and control with managed print services.

Demands on government agencies grow every day. You need to ensure that devices are always available when needed to capture and print critical documents. Yet it can be a struggle to be responsive without a clear picture of your fleet, including print volumes, number of models and maintenance costs.

Proactive management is the hallmark of Lexmark Managed Print Services (MPS). Using a flexible technology-based approach, Lexmark MPS provides visibility, control, and continuity for your fleet across your organization.

We understand the demands of a busy government office. Equipment failures interrupt work and impact your ability to perform the mission. Thanks to usage data and analytics, the need for consumables is automatically detected and the appropriate workflow is started. Our system ensures your devices are up and running when and where you need them, removing the burden from IT staff.

Managed print services helps government agencies:

  • Maintain visibility and control on your infrastructure
  • Anticipate and solve problems before they interrupt your agency’s mission
  • Automate fleet supply chains


Streamline processes to improve delivery of government services

Serve citizens faster and more effectively. 

Lexmark Managed Print Services (MPS), along with our content and process solutions, helps government organizations streamline service delivery and comply with mandates. Although paper is necessary for many government services, such processes can be slow, error-prone and can present security risks.

Lexmark combines content, process, and output management technologies to streamline and automate paper-based processes, reducing delays and errors caused by rekeying information. This means you can reduce cycle times from days to minutes, allowing you to be more efficient and take better care of the people you serve. 

With Lexmark Managed Print Services (MPS) in place at your agency, you can start solving document management challenges. We transform your output fleet into a productivity tool using smart multifunction products (MFPs) to digitize and automate processes—enabling electronic routing of information, producing far fewer printed pages, and making information instantly available where it’s needed most.

Lexmark MPS delivers many benefits to government agencies:  

  • Creation of secure and traceable workflows
  • Reduced dependence on print
  • Improved demonstration of compliance


Quocirca Managed Print Services Landscape, 2017 

Quocirca report names Lexmark a leader for sixth consecutive year.

Lexmark MPS helps Fort Knox Hospital support over 63,000 beneficiaries

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We’ve had a dramatic reduction in paper, toner and wasted time.

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Top analysts give Lexmark MPS high marks

Gartner, IDC and others continue to place our MPS methodology at the head of the pack.

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