Lexmark Pharmacy Order Assistant

Process complex, paper-based pharmacy orders from your Lexmark MFPs for increased accuracy, speed and safety.

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Fill in the paper gaps with Pharmacy Order Assistant

Lexmark’s Pharmacy Order Assistant enables clinicians to process the complex, paper orders that fall outside your CPOE system, effortlessly. By enabling your existing Lexmark MFPs to capture, verify, route and track orders automatically, you’ll eliminate fax-related errors and delays and increase accuracy, speed and safety.


No more faxing headaches

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A smarter alternative to fax

Today’s hospitals typically rely on fax machines to route paper orders to pharmacies, which requires busy clinicians to complete multiple steps to process, send and track sensitive information. Pharmacy Order Assistant replaces the standard fax process with one that converts paper order  forms into truly digital files.  By leveraging the MFP--a device that’s simple to use and familiar to hospital staff--the solution automates routing and tracking, and allows the order to be accessible electronically. As a result, the order can be retrieved and reviewed by all required parties, for greater collaboration and increased visibility across the organization.

Delivery you can count on

Manual, paper-based processes make it nearly impossible to know the status of an order as it moves from creation to eventually being archived. Pharmacy Order Assistant digitizes paper orders from the very beginning of their life cycle, so tracking is easy and reliable and the workflow is consistent. Steps such as capturing the priority and metadata are never skipped or overlooked. Finally, features such as improving the clarity of a scanned image and order annotation and customization ensure that all orders are easy to read and understand for increased accuracy and optimal patient safety.

Cost management, simplified

Processing paper orders can drain your resources and drive operational costs up quickly. By eliminating both the paper and the number of human interactions required to send and fill an order, Pharmacy Order Assistant simplifies cost management across your organization. With increased digitization, clinicians and pharmacists will be able to increase their speed and productivity, for lower labor costs. In addition, eliminating multiple copies of the order at origination as well as paper and toner required to keep the fax machine running will significantly cut costs of supplies and maintenance.

Enhanced security and compliance

Paper-based processes--especially those that require the use of a fax machine--are inherently insecure. Hardcopy documents are at risk of being lost or stolen, and inaccurate tracking and archival make audits a major challenge. Pharmacy Order Assistant secures sensitive patient information from the beginning. Through digitization, the solution prevents document loss and misuse, and ensures only those with permission to view orders are able to access them. And, since tracking and routing  are electronic, this controlled closed loop process  provides immediate, accurate details of order routing and access attribution for compliance that’s effortless.

At work across your enterprise

Pharmacy Order Assistant can adapt to your needs, and work in a number of different use cases across your enterprise. Here are just a few examples:

  •  Nursing Units: Scan case-related documents into the application to better visualize and prioritize cases while tracking initial work processing steps for discharge packages.
  • Clinics: Manage paper-based scheduling requests and orders while sharing the queue with multiple parties for increased collaboration.

  • CPOE system backup: When your ordering application is down, quickly and accurately route orders to ancillary departments through a closed-loop process for faster back loading and recovery

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