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Elkjøp chooses Lexmark to improve and streamline in-store signage process

Success Story

Elkjøp is a leading retail chain, with a relentless focus on the customer, efficiency, and a strong company culture.

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Lexmark’s retail signage solution, Publishing Platform for Retail, has enabled Elkjøp to cut costs and save time in their signage creation and publication process. This means their in-store teams can focus on keeping their customers happy and their company successful.




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The Organisation

Elkjøp, a leading consumer electronics retailer in the Nordics, helps consumers by providing the amazing technology they need to stay connected, be more productive, keep healthy, learn, and play. Elkjøp is an omnichannel retailer and has 11,000 employees.

The Challenge

Elkjøp has over 400 stores across the Nordic region. Every product they sell in these stores needs a paper and electronic shelf edge label. Promotional activities also need to be communicated using electronic or paper displays. The opportunities for the Elkjøp teams were to:

Create and print new in-store signage quickly and efficiently: Enabling their in- store teams to quickly create and print new signage means they can spend more time helping customers.

Ensure all in-store signage has accurate price and product information: Including thousands of price-changes each month and frequent promotional activities.

Deliver great looking signs to help lift sales: Marketing signage and labeling templates need to be created, maintained, and adapted in a quick, simple, and cost- effective way to help in-store sales.

The Lexmark solution has significantly sped-up the creation and printing of in-store signage at Elkjøp. Moving from central printing, ordering and distribution to in-store printing has slashed our lead times from up to 3 weeks to a matter of seconds.

Oddbjørn Erlimo Lønnås Head of IT Supporting Services, Elkjøp Nordic AS

The Solution

Publishing Platform for Retail enables Elkjøp to create content to print all the shelf- edge signs, labels and tags needed in their retail stores. The Publishing Platform for Retail can also be used to publish digital signs, electronic shelf labels, or any size digital display.

In-Store Publisher helps Elkjøp in-store teams create signs and labels from any work station and at the point of sale, helping them get the job done without losing time with customers.

Elkjøp has rolled out the solution across store locations at Elkjøp and Elkjøp Phonehouse in Norway, Elgiganten and Elgiganten Phonehouse in Sweden, Elgiganten in Denmark and Gigantti in Finland.

The Results

Cost savings: Elkjøp can now create and publish signage in-store and do not need to buy pre-printed signage from third-party suppliers. This means reduced printing and distribution costs, and less waste from unused, lost, or damaged prints.

Time savings: Printing lead-times for signage have been slashed from weeks to a matter of seconds by moving from central printing and distribution to in-store printing.

Faster and more collaborative: Marketing templates are now fast and easy for the Elkjøp head office to create, maintain and share with stores. In-store teams can execute signage creation and changes faster and at the point of sale, meaning faster reaction times and more time to focus on customers.

Efficiency and ease of use: Elkjøp in-store teams now manage and preview signage at workstations or any point-of-sale location on the shop floor. The teams appreciate the fast-loading application and intuitive user interface that allows them to complete signage tasks quickly and print these immediately.

Greater accuracy: Seamless integration with Elkjøp’s back-end systems means accurate product, pricing and technical information is always available. The customer likes the agile automation process that handles all the data needed for in-store signage needs and automates its publication. Elkjop runs multi-language, multi-currency signage automatically from one application.

Brand consistency: Elkjøp central teams can easily share approved graphics, logos, and templates with all stores. This guarantees all stores execute brand guidelines consistently across in-store signage.

Customer service: Elkjøp likes Lexmark technology; they also really value our people. Dedicated and local support teams ensure a positive experience for Elkjøp, allowing their in-store colleagues to focus on what really matters to them — their customers.

Elkjøp uses Lexmark’s Publishing Platform for Retail solution to create and publish in-store signage. It saves our in-store team time that they can now spend focusing on our customers.

Peter Andersson Store Solutions Manager, Elkjøp Nordic AS