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Warranty Offerings

Warranty Support Options

Lexmark is committed to delivering fast problem resolution and personalized support to get your printers back on the job as quickly as possible. We offer a variety of customizable service plans to help meet your business's unique needs. From basic service coverage to comprehensive support, Lexmark offers a range of plans to meet the specific demands of your output environment and reduce costly printer downtime.

Extended warranties and warranty upgrades that provide additional years of coverage to your standard Lexmark warranty are available to help decrease your business downtime and protect your investment.

Upgrade & Extended Limited Warranty Offerings

Exchange Service

Exchange Service allows the customer to receive a refurbished product in return for a product that has been deemed faulty by a Lexmark technical support representative to require service under the applicable limited warranty.

If the Customer chooses to use Exchange Service, an exchange product will be shipped by Lexmark to the Customer. At Lexmark's option, the Customer may be asked to return the faulty product to Lexmark. The Lexmark technical support representative will provide information on how to package and return the faulty product to Lexmark. Exchange Service is not available for products that have been defaced, altered, or damaged beyond repair.

At Lexmark's discretion, exchange products may be new, refurbished, or may be another new or repaired product of equal or greater capabilities. The exchange product assumes the remainder of the Warranty or Extended Limited Warranty of the returned product.

For certain models, Lexmark will attempt to repair and return the defective product to the customer. If this option is available and the Customer chooses this option, the Customer will be responsible for properly packing the product and taking it to the Lexmark designated carrier. Lexmark will provide packing materials upon request if the original packaging materials are no longer available. The Customer is responsible for any damage resulting from the improper packing of a product sent to Lexmark. Please contact Lexmark to determine if this repair and return option is available for your product model. If the returned product cannot be repaired using commercially reasonable efforts, Lexmark at its discretion may provide a new, refurbished or repaired replacement product.

Onsite Service

Onsite Service is provided at the Customer's business or home location during the contracted Principal Period of Maintenance (PPM). Next-business-day service will generally be provided within the contracted Onsite Service response time, if the call is dispatched by 5:00 p.m. customer local time, provided the service location is within a 50 mile radius of a Lexmark Authorized Service Provider (LASP). For each of the following conditions, add one (1) business day to the contracted Onsite Service response time: 1) Service locations beyond 50 miles from LASP; 2) Service in Hawaii and Alaska.

Onsite Service is not available for all products or products that have been defaced, altered, or damaged beyond repair. Please contact Lexmark to determine if this option is available for your product model.

Download the Upgrade and Extended Limited Warranty Order Form and Pricing Sheet.