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Logistics Document Management

Get a clear view of your shipping and receiving operations

You have a lot of inventory to manage and track between your warehouses, distribution centres and stores. But, with paper-driven processes, the movement of every inbound and outbound shipment throughout your supply chain is restricted.

Paper-based processes make important data contained in logistics documents—like bills of lading (BOLs), manifests, delivery receipts and more—difficult to process. All of which impacts how effectively you’re able to get products in your stores and on the shelves, and eventually, in your customers’ baskets.

Our Logistics Document Management (LDM) solution for retail enables you to eliminate paper where possible, and streamline what must remain while bridging the gap between separated systems and paper processes. The result? Faster access to information, fewer errors and more efficient processes that take the chaos out of your logistics operations.

With LDM for retail, you can:

  • Capture, classify and route documents automatically: Electronically process and file documents as soon as you get them. Move documents through your workflow automatically and gain full visibility to all the information driving your logistics operations.  
  • Make it easy to process bills of lading: With Intelligent Capture, perform template-free classification and extraction of line-item data on BOLs, validate that the information matches your systems of record and export the data into the systems that need the information … all without manually re-keying the data. 
  • Reduce employee turnover in your shipping and receiving departments: Reduce the amount of manual data entry by automating much of the document processing, thereby freeing up your staff to engage in higher value-added tasks.
  • Get rid of those filing cabinets: File information electronically for faster and more efficient content management. Gain instant access and facilitate easy retrieval across your enterprise instead of keeping track of mountains of paper. 
  • Don’t leave your money stuck under piles of paper: Paper-based processes already cost you money in time and materials, but those costs compound when critical information is lost in the shuffle. Electronic processes route information through designated workflows with enterprise-wide visibility so nothing is ever left stuck under a pile of paper.  
  • One-click accessibility to your files from anywhere: Link documents to core systems and make them available from anywhere in your organisation. Find the information you need, when you need it, from anywhere. 
  • Turn your stores into efficient fulfillment centres: Retail business operations are shifting as multi-channel shopping continues to grow. Stores still need to serve the customers that walk through the door. So, when moving fulfillment tasks to the store, ensure that it’s done efficiently. With our solution, you gain faster processes that get your products to your shoppers on time and deliver greater visibility into your inventory and shipping logistics.

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