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Your associates and in-store experience, your website and ads—they all contribute to your brand story, reinforcing that you’re a retailer your shoppers can trust.

What about your in-store signage? Is that telling your story as well? At Lexmark, we understand how important your brand is—from the bigger picture all the way down to the smaller touch points. For more than 25 years, we have delivered cost-cutting solutions for retail signs that help you deliver a stronger message to your shoppers at the shelf edge.

Extending your brand to every touch point

Use the same system for all in-store signage to simplify operations and get your best merchandising in front of your customers fast.

Lift sales and cut costs

Deliver impactful, accurate signs and displays that uphold your brand from a system designed to streamline the signage process at every turn. From designing and publishing to managing and measuring, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Publish everywhere

Publish all of your in-store signage, regardless of the method, from the same system. For shelf-edge signs and labels, you can print batches of signs at a central print facility, in the store on a laser printer, and even to a handheld in the aisle. For digital signs, displays and ESLs, publish from headquarters and from within the stores. The point being, you don’t have to choose between production methods, you can combine them based on what’s right for your stores and your teams.

Display content from virtually any system

Integrate with any enterprise backend retail system to include up-to-date and rich product content on your signs and displays. Pull information from product and pricing databases, your image library and more to compose informative, accurate and attractive signs.

Take advantage of the cloud

You can choose to implement any of our signage solutions in the cloud. Get the industry-leading signage system without having to operate the technology.

You don’t have to choose between print and digital. Find out how incorporating both gives you the best of both worlds.

Find out how one major grocer is saving thousands in labor hours with the Lexmark Print and Digital Signage solutions

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