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A Wealth Management Company

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A wealth management company partners with Lexmark to reimagine its printing architecture and move to an efficient, cloud-based infrastructure

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A Wealth Management Company


Headquartered in New York City, this global wealth management company manages over $1.8 trillion in managed assets with 5,000 retail advisors selling life insurance, annuities and brokerage products. The organisation supports 120 branch locations across the United States.




Cloud Print Management


“The cloud solution has made our lives much easier. It’s given our branch managers the tools to really see what’s going on with print jobs, and they have more control over print costs.”
IT Director

Like many businesses with a large number of branch locations, this large wealth management enterprise faced a variety of challenges managing its print infrastructure. The company’s employees depended on the accuracy and reliability of its printers to provide exemplary service to customers. In addition, the cost and complexity of managing the existing print infrastructure caused headaches for IT administrators.

As business grew, the user-to-device structure slowed document output during peak work times, which frustrated advisors. Administers realised it would be no small task to gain control of the disparate collection of printers, drivers, and software scattered across the country due to the organisation’s complex output structure.


When the organisation embarked upon a hardware refresh, IT administrators knew the time was right to move to a cloud print solution. Not only would this help simplify the enterprise print infrastructure by eliminating print servers and queues, it would also give advisors the opportunity to conduct business on-the-go in a mobile environment.

Moving to a cloud solution made a lot of sense for business, but an equally important decision was the partner chosen to support this conversion. Administrators knew the success or failure of the migration would depend on the technology, expertise and responsiveness of the partner they chose.

After researching options, the organisation selected Lexmark Cloud Print Management. This solution streamlines printing infrastructure across the organisation while supporting the goal of reducing operational costs and creating a mobile-friendly print environment. Plus it made sense to leverage software that seamlessly integrated into Lexmark devices, thus avoiding the time and expense required by server-based solutions.


Partnering with Lexmark has eliminated the frustration users were experiencing with printing backlogs and restrictions about when and where they could print documents. Plus Lexmark devices are designed with advanced features to meet the security and compliance demands of financial service organisations, which gives users added peace of mind. And finally, centralised administration has simplified cumbersome, time-consuming tasks, allowing advisors to focus on what matters most: providing the best service to their customers.

“The cloud solution has made our lives much easier,” says the organisation’s IT Director. “It’s given our branch managers the tools to really see what’s going on with print jobs, and they have more control over print costs.”