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Manufacturing & Distribution

Reduce the cost of administrative errors in your logistics processes.


Imagine the positive impact on your customers if you could respond faster to their orders because your supply chain and logistics process were up to 50% more efficient.

Imagine the impact to your business if you could also reduce the cost of administrative errors in your logistics processes, increase compliance and cut your printing costs by up to 30%.

Lexmark is a manufacturing and distribution enterprise that understands the challenges of operating across multiple geographies. We are now leading the way in developing innovative solutions to help your manufacturing and distribution organisation capture, manage and access information in the most cost effective and efficient way.

Effective Logistics Management

Lexmark solutions can help you receive and dispatch goods as well as manage your reverse logistics processes faster and more accurately. We help leading companies analyse their work process and deliver best in class digital workflows to improve their operational efficiency.

Improve Operational Cashflow

Lexmark’s Invoice Processing and Expense Processing solutions help companies save time and improve their cash flow. We offer effective ways to capture and index documents, such as invoices and expense receipts. We develop clearly defined digital workflows to manage approval and processing. We ensure information is accessible to your ERP and accounting software. The end result is a fast, streamlined process which saves you time and money.

Print on Demand Signage Solutions

Operations areas often require large format color signs and labels for shelves, instructions and warning signs. Lexmark's color laser printers provide durable color image printing on a wide range of media. Cardstock, vinyl and polyester media, as well as Lexmark Outdoor Media, provide a wide range of solutions for signage in tough operations environments.

Managed Print Services

Lexmark’s unique and leading approach to Managed Print Services helps many major EMEA Financial Organisations to save time and money. By helping them optimise their print fleet and managing it proactively and transparently they often see cost savings of up to 30% and are able to spend more time with their customers.

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