Keep your business running smoothly with

Lexmark Predictive Support


Ensure uptime with support that pairs advanced technology and sophisticated algorithms

Printing and scanning device failures can severely interrupt your business, costing you time and money. And many managed print services (MPS) providers are reactive, providing support only after a device fails. Their technology can’t anticipate failures.

Lexmark offers a better way through advanced technology.

We know that the best service experience is to never need service at all. We help realise that vision with three important components of Lexmark Predictive Support:

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Predictive Service

Reduce your downtime from unanticipated device failures

Using sophisticated technology to evaluate your print environment, Lexmark takes action on a device before it fails and disrupts your business—and often before you even know there’s an issue.


Reduces help desk calls by 25%


Decreases call time by 50%


Increases remote fix up to 70%

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Proactive Consumables Management

Receive just-in-time supplies delivery through streamlined automation

Unlike some vendors, we don’t rely on spreadsheets and human intervention that create errors and delay for your supplies management. Instead, Lexmark automatically replenishes your toner and other supplies using sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence.


Saves time by eliminating your need to manually order supplies


Improves inventory management by removing the need to carry supplies


Reduces waste by optimising supply inventory

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Proactive Device Notification

Keep support and supply status at your fingertips

Notifications about service and supplies replenishment are provided directly to your devices to alert users. Users stay informed, preventing unnecessary calls to the help desk.


Provides transparency and visibility in the service process


Prevents unnecessary help desk calls, freeing your IT team for value-added tasks


Improves end-user satisfaction with timely updates and alerts

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Lexmark MPS Predictive Support can result in consistent and cost-saving device support that stands out from the competition.