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The Importance of Developing New Circular Economy-Friendly Business Models

29. november 2022

The challenge of e-waste is an ever-growing problem.

TAGS: Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR), Thought Leadership

Nothing Lost in Translation: Lexmark Translation Assistant

25. oktober 2022

Input in one language and print in another to easily ensure effective communication

TAGS: Cloud Services

Driving the circular economy with C-SERVEES

7. juni 2022

Did you know that e-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world?

TAGS: Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

Creating efficiency in the cloud—the onramp to digital transformation starts with scanning to the cloud.

25. januar 2022

Lexmark Cloud Scan Management will be the latest tool to leverage cloud-based technology, which continues to grow in demand as businesses pivot to a digital-first economy.

TAGS: Cloud Services

Reducing our environmental impact

31. august 2021

Lexmark President and CEO, Allen Waugerman, shares his thoughts on our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2035.

TAGS: Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

Embracing the circular economy in tech takes more than recycling

24. august 2021

Tech manufacturers should select sustainable raw materials and design products for longevity.

TAGS: Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR), Thought Leadership

Lexmark at 30: Devices designed for all users

2. august 2021

Lexmark’s systematic development approach helps eliminate barriers to workplace success.

TAGS: Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR), Thought Leadership

Data-led business transformation: Applying data intelligence to manufacturing

19. juli 2021

With the power of democratized data and analysis, Lexmark increased efficiency and decreased operating costs in the manufacturing of our proprietary toner.

TAGS: Internet of Things , Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing, Thought Leadership, Analytics, Digital Thread

Greater flexibility and customisation are key as adoption of cloud-based technologies increases 

29. juni 2021

Cloud-based solutions enable productivity and flexibility for today’s dispersed workforce. Lexmark is expanding cloud capabilities for greater usability and connectivity.

TAGS: Cloud Services, Lexmark Print Management, Partner

Product Digital Thread: Using end-to-end lifecycle data to deliver business value

18. maj 2021

Using the power of democratized data, Lexmark has built a live, integrated repository and audit trail of real-time data generated across our products’ lifecycle

TAGS: Internet of Things , Awards, Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing, Thought Leadership, Analytics, Digital Thread

Democratizing data to advance your digital transformation journey

12. april 2021

Data is only as valuable as its application. At Lexmark, our digital transformation journey is made possible by making data available across the organization.

TAGS: Internet of Things , Thought Leadership, Analytics

A 30th Anniversary Message to Our Customers

25. marts 2021

Lexmark CEO attributes milestone to customer loyalty.

TAGS: Thought Leadership

Support digital transformation initiatives with cloud-based print infrastructure

22. marts 2021

Advance your digital transformation program with Cloud Print Infrastructure as a Service

TAGS: Cloud Services, Internet of Things , Managed Print Services (MPS), Thought Leadership, Digital Thread

Lexmark Cloud Print Management is now Chrome Enterprise Recommended

3. november 2020

The Lexmark Cloud Print Management for Chrome extension provides access from Chrome OS to Lexmark’s Cloud Print Management services for printing.

TAGS: Cloud Services, Lexmark Print Management, Partner

When technology drives business, make sure transformation is the destination

5. oktober 2020

With focus, you can avoid the ‘science fair’ approach

TAGS: Thought Leadership, Digital Thread

Guest blog: New IDC study shows cloud migration is top DX priority, but lingering print infrastructure stands in the way

15. september 2020

IDC's study looks closely at the issues currently hindering DX progress to highlight the opportunities, process, and benefits of moving print infrastructure to the cloud.

TAGS: Cloud Services, Internet of Things , Thought Leadership

Lexmark wins 2020 Manufacturing Leadership Award for sustainability

24. august 2020

Presented by the Manufacturing Leadership Council, the awards recognize companies and individuals that are shaping the future of global manufacturing.

TAGS: Awards, Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

Ongoing managed print services assessment is critical in an evolving world

17. februar 2020

Your organization’s MPS could be misaligned to your needs if you have not had a recent assessment

TAGS: Managed Print Services (MPS)

Interactive analytics: Empowering MPS customers with business intelligence

10. februar 2020

Lexmark’s approach to managed print services analytics helps customers use data to improve their business

TAGS: Managed Print Services (MPS), Analytics

Why is a technology-based approach to managed print services so rewarding?

3. februar 2020

Lexmark’s approach to MPS analytics helps customers use data to improve their business

TAGS: Internet of Things , Managed Print Services (MPS), Imaging Technology

Towards a Sustainable Economy: Taking our Responsibility Seriously

31. oktober 2019

Our most recent CSR report shows that we’re making steady progress towards meeting our goals, and in some cases have already exceeded them.

TAGS: Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

As-a-service solutions offer CIOs financial flexibility in uncertain times

15. august 2019

As-a-service offerings are in demand by CIOs seeking to access the latest technologies with minimal upfront investment, while offering a way to manage financial risk.

TAGS: Cloud Services, Technology

Printing in an innovation-led environment

16. juli 2019

Being up and coming, or pioneering innovation-driven growth in a niche sector offers significant social currency.

TAGS: Small Workgroup, Medium Workgroup

Print Infrastructure is So Yesterday

15. maj 2019

Leveraging cloud and IoT technology, Lexmark Cloud Print Infrastructure as a Service allows you to dramatically simplify your print environment.

TAGS: Cloud Services, Technology

Overcome 6 challenges by managing print in the cloud

27. marts 2019

Within the print sector, the proliferation of mobile devices, the growth of the mobile workforce, and an increased focus on security and compliance are all driving IT complexity.

TAGS: Cloud Services

Reusing Throwaways in the Circular Economy

7. marts 2019

Adoption of circular economy principles promotes innovation and economic growth in a more environmentally sustainable manner.

TAGS: Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

Revisiting the Circular Economy

15. januar 2019

Circular economy, as opposed to a linear one, changes the one-way path of take, make, use and dispose into a wheel where longevity is built in at the design and manufacture stage.

TAGS: Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

Circling back on the Circular Economy

15. januar 2019

As a quick recap, the circular economy is more than recycling, although that is part of it.

TAGS: Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

Earth Day 2018 – what is your business doing to reduce its carbon footprint?

15. november 2018

Focus on minimizing paper usage, using energy-efficient devices and leveraging cartridge collection programs to reduce your carbon footprint.

TAGS: Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

Content, Content, Content: navigating the digital and physical worlds of retail signage

15. november 2018

Digital is often portrayed as the solution to brick and mortar retail’s troubles and many are investing heavily in it.

TAGS: Retail

Why planned durability is a good thing

15. november 2018

There’s obviously a balance to be sought between brands’ desire to drive consumer demand for the latest technology versus users’ need for a longer refresh cycle.

TAGS: Technology, Lexmark Print Management

Achieving the impossible: becoming paper-light rather than paperless

15. november 2018

No matter how tech savvy a business may be, there is always going to be a requirement for paper.

TAGS: Managed Print Services (MPS)

Lexmark – monochrome printer campaign

15. november 2018

5 key ingredients SMBs need to help focus on growth

TAGS: Small Workgroup, Medium Workgroup