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Incident Management

Information and insight. Your best allies for risk reduction and loss prevention

Shoplifting, internal theft, return fraud, injuries, accidents, vandalism ... retail teams see it all every day. Reporting these kinds of incidents takes a lot of time. Different types of incidents require different processes, and evidence comes in a variety of ways: paper or electronic forms, photo evidence, statement recordings, surveillance video. Just keeping track of all this information is complex, not to mention analyzing the data to understand the bigger picture.

Lexmark’s Incident Management solution helps you create files that tell the whole story by making it easier for your teams to capture all necessary case information in one place—in any form, paper or digital.

By connecting information from your core investigative systems with supporting content that lies outside their view and combining into a single electronic file, you gain a single view of each incident. That visibility enables you to identify patterns or problem areas and use actionable data to remedy operational challenges, trends and more. 

With our solution for incident management, you can:

  • Gain the insight and visibility you need to reduce future losses
  • Save time with a streamlined and efficient workflow for gathering incident information
  • Improve the quality of investigations and support compliance
  • Extend the value of your investigative systems by connecting supporting information that lies outside their capabilities
  • Make it easier for your associates to get back to serving your customers with a fast, efficient solution for reporting incidents
  • Reduce shrink and losses with a system that enables your teams to better understand problem areas and how to solve them

Seeing the bigger picture starts with a clear view

Getting a clear picture of incident trends across your organization can be a challenge. Our solution lets you to build complete and comprehensive electronic incident files that make incident cases easier to view, understand and analyze.  We’ll help you get a clear view of incidents across your organization, enabling you to identify trends and mitigate future risk. 

Easier reporting: Check it off the list

Use a pre-configured checklist that guides your teams through the process of collecting and submitting incident information. From our mobile application, you can take on-the-spot photos and easily upload directly to the incident file. When including forms and statements completed by hand, you can use a Lexmark smart multifunction product (MFP) to quickly scan paper documents and add them to the electronic file, and add any digital files, such as surveillance video, using a desktop computer. Regardless of the method, all case information is collected into the same central, electronic repository.  

Make a stronger case

Build a stronger case with our incident management solution. Our approach is to augment your current investigative systems, not replace them, by filling the gap between your systems and the information that lies outside their view. Incident folders—along with all relevant evidence and information—are linked to the case data in your investigative system and can be accessed with a single click, giving authorised staff a complete view of incidents. Use our solution to make sure all relevant pieces of information are stored and organised together in one, complete file for each event.

Get back to what matters: Your customers

Our solution offers a swift and comprehensive approach for creating and completing incident files. That way, your teams can quickly and easily submit the right pieces and parts needed for each file without losing time on the sales floor with your customers.

All in all, shrink your shrink

Provide your teams with the tools they need to quickly and thoroughly respond to shrink-related incidents throughout your facilities. With faster, more efficient processes, you’re empowered to do something with your data and solve the shrink that’s affecting your business.

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