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Paper-to-SAP Scanning Workflow Solutions

Paper-to-SAP® Workflow Solutions: The SAP Paper Portal from Lexmark

Paper documents deliver information into the SAP® Ecosystem. Lexmark technologies improve the on-ramp and off-ramp movement of information between paper and SAP, closing the loop in the data lifecycle.

Lexmark solutions expand the effectiveness of the SAP ecosystem by improving the speed and quality of information transfer from paper into SAP.

Lexmark MFPs coupled with Lexmark Document Distributor tools provide customized methods for easily scanning paper documents into SAP modules. This significantly reduces the time users spend getting information into SAP and reduces transcription errors. These MFPs serve as a portal into the SAP system, letting users initiate tasks as part of the SAP system, without having to do so from a computer screen.

Lexmark workflow solutions can be custom developed to produce paper documents with key data elements and SAP identifiers dynamically included as barcodes. Forms may be produced which provide for user input via Intelligent Mark Recognition (IMR) bubbles. After user input is made the documentation is then scanned, processed and linked to SAP. The document image and key data is introduced to SAP, where related workflow processing is started within SAP.

Documents can be sent securely to SAP if necessary, without the risk of reaching unauthorized users. User authentication, secure certification, file conversion and file distribution are all enabled from within a Lexmark scan solution.

Workflow solutions are designed to interact with users in the customer vernacular, resulting in less training and more satisfied users.


Common Paper Processes in the SAP Ecosystem

Examples of paper-based processes which feed into SAP ERP modules include:

  • SAP Financial Management
    > Accounts Receivable
    > Accounts Payable
    > Travel & Expense
  • SAP Human Capital Management
    > Life events
    > On-boarding
    > Terminations
  • SAP Procurement and Logistics Execution
    > Import/Export documentation workflow
    > Warehouse document workflow such as Bills of Lading, Reverse Logistics, Pick-pack
  • SAP Product Development and Manufacturing
    > Production Setup: Preprocess Inspection
    > Quality/performance metrics, Key Performance Indicators
    > User training/testing and certifications
  • SAP Corporate Services (travel, real estate, EH&S, safety):
    > Corporate Legal document management and security
    > User training/testing and certifications
    > Travel & Expense
  • SAP Sales and Service
    > Documents for unannounced products/services
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