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Secure Mobile Print from SAP

Secure and Mobile Printing from SAP®

Lexmark transforms the way in which documents from SAP® are formatted, delivered and secured.

Lexmark Print Release provides cost savings and user security, preventing unauthorized users from viewing the printouts. Users print from their workstation or mobile device to a central print queue. The job does not print until the user authenticates their credentials at the device. Authentication can be a user name and password or more complex methods like proximity cards, mag-stripe cards or Smart Cards. No more confidential jobs and/or unclaimed prints sitting on printers. Jobs are deleted from the queue if not printed within a specified time - reducing costs by eliminating the printing of "forgotten" or obsolete jobs.

For on-the-go professionals, Lexmark Mobile Print allows users to retrieve print from varying locations, by holding the print job at a central print queue until a user requests the print job from the MFP or printer. Users can now print from their desktop in New York and retrieve their output in Paris, Sydney, or anywhere they may be at the moment. And, with Lexmark's Unicode printer support for SAP, global organizations can use one printer configuration for all language needs. Lexmark Mobile Print also lets users send documents from their PDA to any PostScript printer in their company network, or to any fax machine in the world for remote printing.

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