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Business Office Software

Automate your agency’s human resources, AP and procurement processes

With Lexmark process and content management solutions, your staff can create paperless processes and automated workflows that result in time and cost-saving benefits in human resources, accounts payable, procurement and more.

Lexmark solutions allow your human resources staff to carry out many different function.

  • Receive documents from various sources. 
    Enable job applicants to provide information via paper, email or fax and capture documents directly into the software for immediate retrieval
  • Fill critical positions faster. 
    Automatically notify hiring staff of interviews, and link applicants CV and information to the interview notification
  • Quickly establish files for new employees. 
    Collect application and acknowledgement forms, and automatically link them to their record in your HR software application
  • Track credentials and certifications for specialised positions. 
    Group all required documents and automate reviews, evaluations and approvals
  • Comply with privacy mandates. 
    Use industry-standard security features to protect confidential information and support regulatory compliance

Lexmark solutions also enhance your AP and procurement.

  • Collect all your financial documents. 
    Organise all types of documents and content from any source
  • Instantly access the right information. 
    Link related documents to records in any business application for instant retrieval
  • Speed the approval process. 
    Send documents automatically to the right place for fast approval and payment
  • Immediately respond to inquiries
    Resolve vendor or other issues in seconds with real-time access to information
  • Reduce manual processing. 
    Automate routine tasks so staff can focus on exceptions and critical issues
  • Improve business process management. 
    Analyse productivity statistics and identify bottlenecks with comprehensive reporting features

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