Invoice Processing for Manufacturing

Turn automation loose on process inefficiency

Accounts payable may not be at the top of the list of candidates for process improvement, but it should be.

Wherever teams manually process documents and distribute data and information, inefficiency always finds its way into the equation. Delays and redundancies, exceptions and workarounds, and time spent reconciling discrepancies and locating information eat away at productivity.

In addition, manufacturers and logistics providers still scramble to bring paper and digital invoice information into their enterprise systems. What should be a simple case of authorising a payment turns into a string of emails, phone tag and stacks of photocopies shuffled between offices.

No more. Lexmark invoice processing automation can transform your accounts payable processes, streamlining turnaround from days to just hours. Our intelligent capture solution and smart multi-function products serve as starting points to classify and index incoming document information for straight-through processing automatically. So you get more work done in less time using fewer resources – and that's always at the top of anyone's list.

Benefits of Invoice Processing for Manufacturing

  • Eliminate manual steps by automatically syncing information with ERP and accounting software
  • Increase throughput, accuracy and accessibility while reducing errors, manual rekeying and handling
  • Achieve faster insight into supplier costs through shorter cycle times
  • Easily check a new employee's status sheet to flag missing documents
  • Accelerate approval and processing by scanning and indexing paper invoices into a digital workflow

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Perceptive Software Invoices Processing

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