Safety Information

Lexmark products are designed and tested to comply with the internationally recognized product safety standards IEC 60950-1 for Information Technology Equipment (ITE) and IEC 62368-1 for Audio/Video, Information and Communication Technology Equipment. IEC 60950-1/62368-1 and national standards derived from them provide design and testing requirements for safe use of the equipment. Designing products to these standards reduces the risk of hazards from electrical, thermal, mechanical, chemical and radiation conditions.

Non-Information Technology Equipment is designed and tested using safety standards appropriate to that category of equipment.

Consult the user guide for product-specific safety information.  Some options may be provided with additional safety warnings and cautions.  Product users must read and be familiar with all product safety information applicable to the use of their equipment. 

For documentation of product compliance see:

CE Declaration of Conformity, on the European Union Declaration of Conformity page.  A copy of the original CE Declaration of Conformity is on file and available upon request for all CE Marked Lexmark products.